BASEBALL: Postgame Game 3 Pitt

[MUSIC PLAYING] Certainly any time, you can
begin a three game sweep in this league, you take it. I thought we played really
good baseball all weekend. You know, I thought that
our starting pitching did a nice job. We got three nice solid
starting pitching performance and pitched well out of our
bullpen all weekend long too. And certainly had two of our
first year’s Nick Kent and Zack Gelof step up today and
hit big home runs for us. And certainly a
hard fought series, but exciting to get
back at it with ACC play and climb over
500 after today. So hopefully we can keep this
positive momentum rolling that we’ve been playing
good baseball here over the last week or so. Yeah, y’all didn’t get a
sweep in the [INAUDIBLE].. Right. Well certainly, a
sweep in an ACC series is really, really
difficult to do. You don’t see it very often. A lot of times, teams
that win in this league in the regular season, you know,
go about 20 and 10 typically, you know. And so I like to say that
if you win two out of three every weekend, that you’ll
have a legitimate chance to win the league in
the regular season. So getting a three-game
sweep is significant. Certainly, we haven’t
done it in a while. And it’s good for
these young guys to learn what you have to do
to finish somebody off and win every game in a series. So hopefully that’s
something that we can have some carry over. And if that opportunity
presents itself again this year, that we can do it
again at some point. So it’s about playing
good baseball. And I think that’s what
we’re doing right now. Also, [INAUDIBLE] come back– Yeah. down. So what do you think about the
mentality from the beginning of the season to now? How has that changed? Well, I think we have a
really good mentality. Our guys believe that
we’re never out of a game. You know, we actually showed
that in the first game of the season when we
played Vanderbilt. You know, they jumped out twice to
pretty significant leads and we fought back. And so we’ve shown that
characteristic all year long that you know, we feel
like we’re not out of the game. And we’ve actually,
a third of the way through the season, proven
to be a really, really good late inning club. A late in the game,
figure out their bullpen, and score some runs
late and win a game. So certainly, that played
out that way this weekend. And then finally, having
the freshmen go on– Yeah. –today and both coming
up huge [INAUDIBLE],, what have you seen from them,
especially in this series? Well, both Zack
Gelof and Nick Kent have been mainstays in
our lineup all year long. And you know, I
just– the qualities that both of those
guys have number one is they come ready
to play every game and give you everything
they got and play the game the right way. And if you play the game
the right way consistently, then you’ll have a chance to
have consistent performance. And both of those
players have, and they’ve been really integral parts
of our season so far. Any impression on– after
Nick’s home run there? You know, I mean,
I don’t think Nick is going to be a big power
hitter in our program, but certainly, he got a
pitch that he could handle and it was in a positive count. And he put a good swing on it. And I’ll tell you, I
was excited as anybody. Certainly, we needed
it for our team, but what a big boost for
him in his young career.

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