BASEBALL: Postgame Game 1 Pitt

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’ll just open up to
say that certainly it’s good to get the first win
of a conference series. I thought Noah Murdock went
out there and really pitched a nice ball game for us. Credit Perry, the
leadoff hitter, hitting two home
runs against him– he put two good swings on the
ball and was rewarded for it. But I thought Noah did
a nice job pitching into the seventh
inning, and I think that’s the deepest he’s pitched
for us this season, which is important– it’s what you
need your top starter on Friday to do to pitch deep in the
game, and he certainly did that. And offensively we did
a lot of great things. Cam Simmons came through
with a couple of big hits to have four RBIs,
and Rivoli was good, and we were really good
throughout the whole lineup. I felt that we were a
threat to score runs from different
points in the lineup. So now we have an
opportunity tomorrow to come out and play again
and play a good baseball game, and just looking forward
to our guys hopefully catching some momentum
here into tomorrow. ACC high– 16 hits– Wow. –more about your– Well, I just think
that offensively it was we were real competitive
throughout the entire lineup. Certainly in the middle,
all of those guys did a job, but you know Nic Kent chipped
in there at the bottom, got ahead a couple of
doubles in the 9 hole for us. Logan Michaels had a
couple of nice RBIs and stepped up with
some big hits for us. It was good to– when we put
some replacements in there, it’s nice to see Alex Tappen get
in there and score the ball up, and Cam Comer as well. So we kind of involved
everybody and gave a lot of guys different opportunities
to drive in runs for us. Is it important to kind
of conserve the bullpen? Yeah. I mean, I think any time
in game one of a series that you don’t have to go
deep into your bullpen, it’s important, and that’s what
hopefully your Friday night guy can do is pitch you
deeper into the game so you’re in better shape going
into the rest of the series. And you only need to use a
couple of guys on the pen. Donahue and Bales, I
thought Bales threw great. That was really good
to see him go out and charge the mound
and pitch well, and leaves us in a good spot
from a pitching standpoint tomorrow. What do you guys
gotta do tomorrow to– Well, I think it starts with
a good start by McGarry. He needs to come out and
get us off to a good start. Hammer, their starter,
typically is– historically has been one
of their better starters. He’s had a nice career there
at Pitt, he’s got good stuff, so we’re going to need to come
out with our best tomorrow to have a chance
to win the series. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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