Baseball Positions & Roles : Baseball Positions & Roles

Baseball is a very simple game, but it can
also be very complex when you get into the details. That’s what we’re going to do in
this next segment. We’re going to talk about the various positions and their responsibilities.
To be effective, a team has to be function like a well-oiled machine. For example, if
the ball is hit to right field and the second baseman has to pull out to cut the throw off
as it comes in, your short stop has to shift over and cover second base while your third
baseman moves into position just about to shortstop to back him up in case of an errant
throw. Every single pitch, every single swing, every single hit, every single player on the
field has a specific strategy that he or she needs to follow. Has a certain responsibility.
We’re going to talk about each one of those in depth. From first base to second base to
short stop to the catcher to the pitcher, the left fielder, the right fielder, and the
center fielder. They’ve all got individual responsibilities and each one depends on the
actions of the other. We’ll cover that in our next segment and that’ll be our introduction
to the positions.

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