Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Teach Baseball

The question is asked how to teach baseball.
Well that answer is infinitesimal in nature, you can teach baseball in a myriad of ways.
The best way to teach baseball is through repetition correct repetition, fundamentally
sound repetitions. The more repetitions that the player gets with fundamental, good fundamentals,
the better he’s going to be with muscle memory and the more effective he will be over the
long haul. One of the ways that you might achieve this is by simply video taping the
player and comparing his fundamentals and his mechanics to those of the mechanics of
a professional player. There are softwares out there that one can by at this point in
time that will allow you on screen on your computer to compare the differences in swings
or the differences in pitching motions or fielding fundamentals that are very effective,
but you can also just watch the players that are playing at the highest level, see what
they all have in common, and then get your players to emulate that as closely as possible.
The more correct reps they have with good fundamentals and good mechanics the more fundamentally
correct they will be, the more muscle memory they will have in correct repetitions and
the better player they will be. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect not practice
makes perfect, so make sure that the fundamentals are correct when you’re practicing those and
when you’re teaching fundamentals make sure that you’ve done your homework and learned
the correct fundamentals for whatever skill that you’re working on, and that best can
be done through watching video software, watching games on television, watching professional
players play the game at the highest level, and trying to emulate those mechanics at the
very closest that your player can do so. And that’s just a little hint on how to teach

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