Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Pick a Youth Baseball Bat

A question’s asked, “How to pick a youth baseball
bat?” This happens to be a wooden bat , most youth players in this day and age use a metal
bat because they’re, tend to be lighter, and more manageable. The bat is measured both
in inches and in ounces. So if a bat is a thirty two, thirty one, or a minus three,
that’s, means that the length of the bat is a thirty two inch bat and it’s a twenty nine
ounce bat, so that would be a minus three bat. Most players, especially young in age,
from six or eight on up until ten or twelve, would tend to use bats that have a larger
drop in the ounces. A minus eleven bat for instance would be if it were a thirty inch
bat, would be a nineteen ounce bat. So when you hear minus three, minus ten, minus eleven
that means it’s the differential between the length of the bat and the ounces of the bat.
Usually the smaller the player the more minus there is, the lighter the bat is and usually
the larger the player the heavier the bat would be. Most players in the high school
level on up until they start using wood, and get into professional baseball, use minus
three exclusively because it is a rule for high school and college. So a minus three
bat would a thirty two twenty nine, or a thirty three thirty, because it’s three ounces lighter
than the length. When choosing a bat, there’s two things that you can do to help to make
sure that you’re choosing the right bat. Number one is go get a demo or borrow a bat and let
the player swing the bat to make sure that it feels right for him. But another test you
might do, is to grip the bat at the top of the handle and if you can, with one hand cast
the bat this way and not let the bat drop below parallel, then that would be a good
test to make sure that he can handle the bat with two hands. I might suggest that you get
the heaviest and largest bat possible that he can still control because the extra density
in the bat will make the ball go further. Do the heaviest and the longest bat he can
swing comfortably, or do this test with, would be an appropriate bat for that player, and
that’s a good tip on how to choose the right bat for your player.

4 thoughts on “Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Pick a Youth Baseball Bat

  1. Thank you, when ever you ask a employee in a sporting store they never know the right size for kids and don't tell you how to judge if a bat is to heavy or the right lenght. Always just a bat that is the most expensive.

  2. bull a lighter bat is better because you get a faster swing and a harder swing so it will go further with better contact better against fast pitchers to

  3. @kbobb67. U sound like just about the stupidest person in the world. Power does NOT come from ur arms so it wouldnt matter how fast u can swing the bat. Power comes from ur legs and hips. Duh ! If u really knew baseball u would know that. Psh i know that and im only 14

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