Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Measure Glove Size

The question is asked, How do you measure
glove size? Basically it’s a very simple process. It’s measured in inches, and it’s measured
from the base of the glove, to the tips of the fingers. So if this is a 12 inch glove,
basically it’s 12 inches from the bottom of the glove to the tips of the fingers of the
glove. It’s measured in inches, and whatever the distance is from the base of the glove,
to the tips of the fingers, tells you how many inches the glove is, so if it’s a 12
inch glove, it’s 12 inches from this point, to this point. Baseball gloves are measured
in inches, and the deciding factors of what type of glove is best for certain players,
is basically, personal preference, and also the position they play. Outfielder tend to
use larger gloves, because they don’t have to turn the ball over so fast, they don’t
have to throw it so quickly. Infielders tend to use smaller gloves, because it’s easier
for them to get the ball in and out quickly. Pitchers also use larger gloves, because it
helps them hide the ball, and the grip that they’re using, when they’re attempting to
throw their pitches.

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