Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Make a Wooden Baseball Bat

The question is asked, how to make a wooden
baseball bat? Well, that’s something that’s usually left to wooden bat baseball manufacturers,
but basically, you take the trunk of a tree. Usually ash or hard rock maple, and then the
bat is placed upon a lathe, and their carved into a fashion, much like this bat, where
that there’s a knob. There’s a barrel, and the bats nowadays can even be cupped, to change
the swing weight on the barrel, and basically, the shape is determined by the model number.
The model number is how thick the handle is, where the weight is loaded, loaded either
on the end, or more towards the center of gravity. The bat’s barrel can be up to 2.58
inches in diameter, and the length can be up to forty two inches. The length and the
swing weight, and the model number, is all dependent upon the personal preference of
the player using the bat, so there are various models of swing weight, swing length, and
the ounces. All of that is determined by the preference of the player, but basically, it
requires some good technology, as far as being able to use a lathe. Also the bats are sanded,
and there’s a texture put on, either a clear coat finish, or some type of thing to keep
the bat from splitting, or dry rotting ,but I would highly suggest that you check with
one of the bat manufacturers, unless you just want a personal project, of building a wooden
bat, but basically in short, that’s how you build a wooden bat.

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