Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Buy a Baseball Bat

The question is asked, how to determine how
to buy a bat? First of all, it is paramount that you get a bat that is comfortable for
your player. It needs to be the correct length, and it needs to be the correct weight. Make
sure that you try out a bat, several bats, with different weights, and different lengths,
until you find a bat that is comfortable. It is paramount that you find a bat that is
most comfortable for the player using the bat. Most youth players use metal bats, and
I would highly recommend metal bats for youth players. And of course the professional players
play with a wooden bat like this. How to determine which bat is best for you, I would highly
recommend trying out the bats, several bats. There are different manufacturers, they’re
different alloys that are used, some are better than others, some are less effective than
others, but all the bats this day and time are really pretty good, and it really is more
of a personal preference, than it is what’s right, and what’s wrong. So I would highly
recommend that you either borrow someones bat, and attempt to use it for a few swings,
or go to the dealer near you, that will allow you to have a demo bat to try out. And then
you can effectively choose the right length, and the right ounces, for you, or your player.
So the best way to do that, is, simply try out several bats, and from that, you can determine,
what length and what ounces is the best. And also the preferences on which color you like
the best, or which alloy seems to work the best for you, and the swing weight, how the
bat is balanced, whether it’s barrel loaded, or more balanced. And that’s how to determine
which bat to buy, when you’re buying one.

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