BASEBALL – Pittsburgh Game 1&2 Highlights

[THEME MUSIC] Just about set for another
ACC series and today, well, we’re getting
underway in a doubleheader It is Virginia and Pitt. A couple of teams right
in the middle of those standings in Atlantic
Coast Conference baseball. It’ll be an 0-2 to Haseley. Swing and a ball lined
toward left-centerfield. Slicing away from the
centerfielder Schnurbusch. He’s not going to get there,
that ball rolls to the wall. Coming home to score
is Matt Thaiss. They wave Pinero
around behind him. Throw comes towards the plate
on a couple of hops not in time. Virginia strikes first. A 2-out, opposite-field double
for Adam Haseley to score both Thaiss and Pinero
and its 2-0 Wahoos. The 1-2. Swing and a ball
tapped right side. Charging in the
first baseman fields and he backhands–
throws it away! Getting away from the pitcher. Coming home to score is Adam
Haseley and it’s 3-0 Virginia. 2-2 pitch called strike 3. At the knees from Jones. The 2-2 pitch from Zeuch. Called strike 3. Ball in the dirt and picked by
the catcher Kowalcyzk and he sales it down the
right field line! 1 run home as Clement scores. Novak waved around, he’s
going to store as well. Pinero ends up at third base. Right-handers 1-2 pitch. Swing and a ball
lifted to left field. Towards the corner goes Cody. Up towards the wall
and he makes the catch. Cody fires towards third base. Pinero is there,
puts a tag down. In time for the out! Danny over to cover third
base, Cody makes the catch. Turns it into two. Slider lined to first base. Leaping is Pavin Smith. It’s by him into right
field for a base hit. Home from third to score
is Charles Leblanc. Now the set from Jones. The right-hander deals. Swing and a ball grounded
toward second, could do it. Clement has it. There’s second for 1. Pinero back to
first and the Hoos have won it as Connor Jones
goes the distance for UVA. A 5-1 victory as Connor Jones
with his second complete game of the season. And Virginia takes
the series opener here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And we get game two of
this doubleheader underway right on cue. Swung on and lined to
left field, a base hit. Virginia’s on the board. Home from third is Clement. it’ll be station to
station baseball. They remain loaded
with nobody out. To the third inning. Swung on and grounded
left side of the infield, another base hit! Home from third is Justin Novak. They will hold up Thaiss
at third and again Virginia still yet to record an out
and they have scored twice in the inning. This one swung on,
chopped to first. Into play it is
the first baseman. Steps on the bag and Yarnall
will take the out there. Finally, the first out
recorded of the inning, but not before Thaiss comes
home to score from third. It is 3-0 Hoos. This one swung on. Lined to left field, a base hit. Nate Eikoff the other way. That makes it 5-0 Hoos. Virginia has come out firing
here in the opening frame. A throw back to second base. They picked him off and
Simmons can’t believe it. 2-2 chopped left side. Pinero backhands, jumps,
and throws to first and that is going to
be in time for the out! Danny Pinero from
short left field. From Sandefur–
Swing and a looper towards right-centerfield. Long run for
Chentouf, into a drive and he makes a fine catch. Doherty ready and the pitch. Breaking ball lifted
towards left field and deep. That chases back Cody and he
looks up as that ball is gone. 2-run homer for Charles Leblanc. Hitting it over that
elevated left field wall. And that pulls
Pitt within 1 run. It is a 5-4 ball game. This one swung on and
rocketed toward right-center. Long run for Simmons. It’s out of his reach. On two hops, it’s off the wall. Pitt at the very least is
going to tie up the game and they will hold
up the second runner. We are tied at 5. Chentouf stops at third base. Now the 3-1 from Doherty. Just missed high and
Pitt has the lead. The pitch. Swung on and smacked
to left-centerfield. Ranging over the left
fielder reaches up. It’s over his head! Novak has tied it. Karstetter scores. They wave around Clement. He’s going to come
home and score! And Virginia’s got the
lead in the ninth inning! Justin Novak comes
through with a 2-RBI double to left-centerfield and
the Wahoos are in front here in the ninth inning. It’ll be a 2-0 pitch. Tommy deals. Swung on and tapped left
side of the infield. Novak will field. Steps and throws to first
in time for the out! And Virginia has
swept the doubleheader in come from behind fashion. In game two, the
Wahoos take it, 7-6.

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