BASEBALL: Pitt (3/23/19)

I wouldn’t be surprised
to see something going on. Swings and lines onto right
center field, takes care of it himself. Eikhoff around
second over to third, they’re going to wave him home. Relay throw, cut off,
nothing to the plate and an RBI triple for
Cayman Richardson. His first of this season
and Virginia strikes first. Earlier this season, if that
doesn’t tell you just about all you need to know, here’s
Perry again to right, this chases back Richardson–
you’ve got to be kidding me, he’s done it again, countered
Perry’s third of the series. 1-1. Driven to left, that’s
going to chase back Rivoli onto the track, and he lost it. Here comes the tying
run home to score. Perry is in safely. He just got a lot
more interesting. Ground ball, right side,
that’s through for a base hit. Richardson up with
it in right, here comes Yanni, and a
throw down in time. One of the better bats going. Bounces one over
to Eikhoff, fires to the plate in time
there back to first, dug out by Eikhoff double play. Get back to form here today. Up the middle from Eikhoff
handled by Ryan onto first and he threw it away. Here comes the tying
run home to score, as Simmons crosses the plate. We’ll see how far they decided
to keep him in this game. Lifted to left for Ripoli,
sprint again, and he caught it. Diving play from Brendan
Rivoli in left field. Bounced over to third base
for Antonini, he throws low and he pulls the first
baseman, O’Farrell off the bag. Here comes Michaels and
O’Farrell to the plate, not in time, Virginia’s
in front, 5-4. Ropes one to first and out
of the glove of O’Farrell. Down towards the
right field corner, here comes Gelof to score,
and Morris cruising in at second base, he’s
made it 6 to 4, UVA. Line drive, right
center field base hit, it’s a big time 8th
inning for Virginia. Cam Simmons with an RBI
double, with two outs here. Slider has driven left,
that ball was belted. Back to the wall,
that ball is gone. Solo home run for Ron
Washington Jr. Just like that, pulls Pitt within two. [INAUDIBLE] looking to finish
the job for the Hoos right here, the 2-2. Grounded over to first,
Eikhoff gobbles it up, go flip to Whitten
covering at the bag. And Virginia’s taking the
series, claiming games 1 and 2. Hard fought back and
forth affair today, but when it’s all said and done,
our final Virginia 7, Pitt 5.

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