Baseball Pitching Stride Length

Hey, what’s up guys? I got another pitching
question today and it’s about stride length. OK? The question is, “My coach says that I
need to stride out further when I’m pitching. I’m 6’1″ and I’m not striding out my full
height. My coach always says, ‘You’re 6’1″. So you need to stride out 6’1″ or more. So
I was just wondering if you had any tips on how to help me get my full potential in my
stride.” That’s Wyeth from Ohio. Thanks Wyeth. That’s
a great question. I did a video a while ago talking about pitching and stride length and
what I said in that video was that I do not believe that stride length is directly related
to velocity. Now, with that being said, I do think that
guys need to find their comfort zone. There was a study done that said that most Major
League pitchers — I think it’s around 80 percent of their stride length is what they’re
throwing. Aroldis Chapman is like 110 percent. But then if you look at a guy like Heath Bell,
he goes about six inches of a stride and that man throws some gas. So that’s my point. Stride
length is not directly related to velocity. What I think is more important in velocity
is how well the pitcher generates momentum and is able to put everything on time, all
his mechanics on time to a quick release point. OK? The mechanics should speed up the whole
way and the fastest point of the mechanics should be at the release point from here to
here. So it’s how efficiently an athlete can transfer that momentum or that force through
his release point. Stride length to me is more of a comfort thing
and it plays more of a part in the plane that the pitch comes in. A guy that strides out
further is going to be a little bit flatter, a little bit lower to the ground because he’s
striding further. A guy who is shorter is going to have usually
more of a downward angle, maybe a little bit more movement on his pitches because he is
a little bit taller at release point. So me personally, I was a short stride pitcher and
I was able to throw at 96 miles an hour. Again, Heath Bell, look him up on YouTube. He doesn’t
stride very far at all and he’s 98, 99 miles an hour sometimes.
So stride length is not directly related to velocity. It’s how well you could put everything
together and get it through your release point. I hope that answers your questions. If you
have any more, let me know. I will be happy to answer them. Thanks guys.
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4 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching Stride Length

  1. John,,for your next"master  piece" do a video on the importance of the BACK to "ride" the back hip down the NOT to use your front foot for balance basically get these kids using that back hip and EXploding straight down the mound

  2. @wogdoggy im sure he enjoys suggestions but this is his channel and im sure he doesn't need you to tell him what videos to upload he knows what he's doing. And secondly to me there's nothing wrong with his weight ( no homo ) and im sure you aren't the most fit guy. So stop with the weight jokes.

  3. When landing the stride, where should I land my foot for best balance? For example: in front of body, behind etc

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