Baseball Pitching Mechanics | Baseball Pitching

When considering pitching mechanics, it’s
imperative that all pitchers get their elbow above the shoulder, get into a
good flex-bow or high-cocking position by having their glove side lifted
to block the hitter’s view of the ball. Another important technique is to make sure
that upon releasing the ball, that you get excellent extension, and extend
towards the catcher’s glove, and have a flat back posture, a bent-over
posture when releasing the baseball. All pitchers that are effective in doing these
techniques will also vary their pitches by utilizing different grips
on the baseball, yet having the same arm speed and arm slot for every single
pitch that they deliver. These are different pitching mechanics.

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  1. look at national pitching…there is no balance point, you just get the body moving as fast as possible towards home to maximize momentum

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