Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Screwball

Hello I’m John Riedling and today I’m going
to talk with you about throwing a screwball. In throwing a screwball the key is in the
grip. You really want to put your point finger on the seams where you have something to push
against. And when throwing a screwball you really got to pronate your wrist and what
that does is it makes the ball a reverse curve ball. A right-handed pitcher it will go away
from lefties. If you’re a left-handed pitcher it will go away from the righties. So when
you’re throwing a screwball, you want to think fastball the whole time until the very last
second, you really want to pronate your hand and put pressure on your point finger and
pull down with that finger. And right now I’m going to demonstrate how to throw a screwball. I’m John Riedling and that’s how you throw
a screwball.

100 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Screwball

  1. @ckballer92 If you actually knew anything about pitching injuries, you would know that curveballs are an overuse injury. It takes hundreds of curveballs to throw one in a game. Curveballs are more dangerous than screwballs because of the load being focused on the UCL, not shared by the Pronator Teres muscle. Screwballs are safe because they allow the load to be mostly assumed by the Pronator Teres muscle, not the UCL. Pronation is the key to movement and success.

  2. drumline is an idiot, how do we know if the ball broke or not? I pitched little league through the miners an if nobody showed you the end result, well…. then talk is cheap

  3. @LSUTigers2321 well to me… he said it's like a reverse curveball but i think a circle change is kinda like a reverse slider… it depends on how you look at it.

  4. Yeah these videos could be easily fixed by simply moving the position of the camera. Without being able to see the end result, it's hard for any of us to really see what the pitch does.

  5. really, he played pro ball for 13 years, so the year is 2013? He played pro ball for 7 years. oh, thx for the tips

  6. @drumline17 yes but seeing the break is the best part instead of the ball breaking away form the batter it breaks toward him its the best

  7. @MRxOFFICIALx1 I'm MRxOFFICIALx1 and thats how you act like a bitch who isn't original or funny and secretly wan't to kill myself.

  8. @MRxOFFICIALx1 OOPS I mean't I wan't you to watch me kill myself oh silly me. Please make a good comment though.

  9. @Omfggf69 Ha he was a majors for five years and your a nobody and again because your a nobody you spelled fucking wrong and nobodys like you are the only people who say scoontie.

  10. @Blindykid Apparently you di not watch the video. He showed the grip in the entire fucking video! Pay attention next time! If you need a more close up on the grip then, you shouldn't be pitching.

    Go ahead kid. You can get the last senseless word in now like all the other immature Kids on youtube.

  11. @ListenToTheAudio You do realize that a balk only counts in a game, right?

    Also, you should look up the word Balk. Just sayin.

  12. Its the same thing every time he stutters like a bitch and says u want to be thinking fastball, fastball.

    Come up with something new to say bitch.

  13. John Reidling should have gotten a narrator. Also, the cameraman should have been behind him. A screwball is an awesome pitch but it will destroy your arm unless you are some kind of genetically mutated freak like Jim Mecir or Hector Santiago. I wonder how long he had to flip through Roget's Thesaurus until he found "pronate"…that's the $100 word of the day I guess.

  14. hey maybe you should redo..ALL of this videos because we cant see the damn ball's and idea..sideview camera, catcher view, behind pitcher…so called expert village. expert idiots

  15. @DeadminiMau5 Well, if you actually played, or even watched, you would know that most junk pitches are supposed start in the strike-zone and curve out, making the batter swing and miss, therefore, it's a strike. Dumbass.

  16. The best screwballs and curve balls start in the zone and break out of the zone. Make them chase this pitch. If they hang around in the zone, big leaguers eat them up.

  17. since i watched this video when i was 9 ive been able to pitch a screw ball curveball knukle eephus changeup and slider ad im 12 . .all i do is practice ive gave up football for baseball to just practice all this pitches thank you and know im learning the gyro ball

  18. Keep that up and you're not going to have much of an arm left in 10-15 years. Stick with a fastball/change-up and focus on location. Let the breaking balls wait till you're older.

  19. I learned to throw a screwball in high School got pretty good at it but after just a couple months I could feel the torque on my arm no bueno never threw one again . Awesome looking pitch and effective if thrown right .

  20. lol that was a whole 45mph… I bet it didn't break at all. The only way a screwball will break is at least 70+ mph I believe. I never asked my dad but he was an all star pitcher and showed me curveballs growing up. He had the nastiest 90mph curve ball in the state. Almost got into the Minors before he blew his shoulder.

  21. um yea… where have you pitched? Oh yeah thats right… Not even A, AA, AAA or even college D1, through 3 hell not even Amateur baseball I bet….. Minors are still pros buddy.

  22. this guy's video's stink because when he throws the pitch that he taught you about there is a terrible veiwing angle. I think he should make it the chatchers piont of sight.

  23. well curveballs dont damage that ligament either, having your forearm fly out of within 90 degrees at the point when ur heel or toe touches the ground does

  24. I have a new channel for baseball pitching tutorials please watch beacause I'm trying to promote my channel

  25. I learned how to throw this pitch from an old book I found in my high school library. From the 50's. Got pretty good at it and used it very sparingly, but it usually got guys to swing and it would dip down and to the right.

  26. Nice job showing the camera angle from behind you so the viewer can see what the pitch actually does….jackass.

  27. I was wondering how to throw this, then when I rewatched it, I realized that I was already doing it without knowing

  28. Fernando Venezuela screwball was nasty as hell but that did not end is career. Like people say!! He pitch too death thanks too the dodgers 💪!!

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