Baseball Pig – Effortless English Flow 2019 – Lesson 02

There is a little pig. The pig wants to be a baseball player. Everyday, he practices baseball. He practices hitting a baseball. He wants to be a big hitter. After 10 years of practice, the pig decides
to try out for the New York Yankees– the most famous baseball team in America. He takes a direct flight to New York, then
rents a car and drives to Yankee Stadium. He tries out for the Yankees, but the Yankees
reject him. The Yankees’ manager says, “I’m sorry. You are an amazing baseball player, but we
can’t let a pig join our team.” The pig is very unhappy. He goes home and cries everyday. Finally, his friend says to him, “Come on,
get a grip! Stop crying and try again with another team.” The pig listens to his friend. He stops crying. He practices baseball everyday. One day, he is reading the newspaper and he
finds out that the San Francisco Giants need new baseball players. The pig immediately flies to San Francisco. He tries out for the Giants. The Giants are very impressed with the pig. The manager says, “Wow, you are the best hitter
I have ever seen”. The Giants hire the pig and pay him 2 dollars. In his first game, the pig hits 5 home runs! Everyone in San Francisco loves the pig! The Giants give him a big raise. They pay him 540 million dollars! The pig is rich, famous, and happy.

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