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Baseball Pants
Youth Baseball Pants I know what you are thinking, “just how lucky
can we be to find these Augusta youth baseball pants at THESE prices” – right? Ha! The wholesale prices are a specialty of True
to Size Apparel, a leading distributor of Augusta Sportswear’s youth baseball pants. How can you go wrong with such variety, sixteen
styles of open bottom, striped, piping and pull up, over 50 styles to work with on your
customized uniform. Baseball Shorts
Right on again, if it is hot outdoors these baseball shorts will keep your players in
the game. All orders ship directly from Georgia and
take about one week for delivery when using UPS Ground shipping. Baseball Pants Size Chart
Everyone wants to get the right size the first time when shopping online. At True to Size Apparel you will find a size
chart for most styles of baseball pants at the bottom of the style page. Just send the link to team members so that
they can compare pants they like at home to what you are considering to purchase. They need to measure the pants at home and
compare that measurement to the online size chart. The whole purpose of this effort is to cut
down on wait time and return shipping expense. We want your team to be in uniform and ready
to play without any delay caused by the wrong fit.

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