[MUSIC PLAYING] Now, we welcome you
to Davenport Field and to Disharoon Park on
this Tuesday afternoon, where Virginia playing host
to in-state rival Old Dominion for the 65th all-time match-up
between these two programs. While Tanner deals, 2-2– swing and a miss, strike three,
up the ladder with a fastball. Here comes the payoff. Morris slides one left side
into left field for a base hit. And he’s thinking extra bases. That ball rolls to the
wall down by the 332 marker in left field. And Tanner Morris is in
standing up at second base to strike first here
in this first inning. And Rivoli pulls the hands
in, slaps one to right field. That’s in for a base hit. Home from third is Morris. He will score,
throw his cut off. And there is no relay,
bumped up to the 2 slot. And the next pitch
comes in, pops out of the glove of the
catcher, Marrale. And home to score from
third base is Nic Kent– 2-nothing, Hoos. 2-nothing Virginia here
in the first and a line drive into right center field–
that settles in for a base hit. Here comes Rivoli
around third to score. And Nate Eikhoff has
himself a clutch two out base hit to make
it 3-0, Virginia. And another one– back to
back Ks for Billy Price. Now the payoff for Price– line drive, right center field. And that is going to
settle in for a base hit on a hop in front of Simmons. The runner for third,
Schwarz, had to make sure that was going to get down. He will come in to score. And a wave and a miss,
slider from Ortiz got Garriola a chase,
and now his 1-2 pitch, and there for a
called strike three. 2-1 pitch now to Weiller,
lefty against lefty, with the bases loaded– that one bounced in and gets
through the legs of Marrale into the backstop. This time hope to
score is Rivoli. And the 1-2 pitch– swing and a miss, strike three. Bases loaded, two outs,
the 1-2 pitch to Marrale, swing and a miss– he got him on strike. So Wilson gets his man to
leave, the bases loaded. Now to [INAUDIBLE] for
the 7th, the first pitch tapped, over to the
right side to Nic Kent. Going to be a tough play–
underhanded flip to first. And that is in time for the out. Runner goes from
first, pitch is lifted towards left center field. Rivoli, a long way
to go from left, and he’s going to pick
it up with a bare hand. Runner is going to
come towards the plate. Relay from Morris to
home is not in time. Scoring all the way from first
on the play was Matt Burch. Now the pitch, a little
tapper back at the mound– Whitten fields, goes to second. There is one. Kent back to first in time– double play. 1 to 4 to 3 on the inning
ending double play. Here’s Abbott ready to go. Lefty’s 1-2 pitch is a swing
and a miss– strike three. Abbott finishes the job. He’s got the strike
out of Burch to end it. The Cavaliers hold on
by a 4 to 2 final score.

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