BASEBALL – ODU Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] This one’s swung on grounded
towards third, back into there by Weber. He’s got the runner caught
between second and third. Throw to Clement, will flip
back on the way to Weber, who makes a sprawling catch and
applies the tag for the out. High above the
letters, the pitch. Swung on, roped towards
left center field. That’s going to get
down for a base hit. Virginia’s on the
scoreboard first. Hayes can’t cut it
off, Clement is in. Right behind him,
though, wave home Thaiss all the way from first. Here’s the throw, not in time. Virginia leads two
nothing on the two RBI double for Pavin Smith. The one one, swung on
line towards second, and caught by Clement. Perfectly placed. Ranging up the middle. Snags it out of
the air, two gone. At Old Dominion. Here’s the two two, right there
for a called strike three. Lynch freezes him. Daniel has strike
out number four, and his third consecutive
one, two, three frame. So payout pitch to come, with
two outs and the base is in. The Busbice deal. Swing and a ball, lifted towards
right field and well struck. Walker goes back to
the warning track. He looks up and Doak Dozier
has cleared the fence for his second career home run. Three nothing, Hoos, as Dozier,
with two strikes against him, pulls the hands in, and
hits it into the bleachers. The 0-1. Breaking ball, hits
sharply towards third, and passed Andy Weber. On one hop, right
past his glove, racing around second
to third is Rutherford. They’ll wave him home,
and he’s going to score. Old Dominion has grabbed a four
to three lead with four runs here in the bottom half
of the eighth inning. Leo two. Swung on, and lined
the left center field, that might get
down, and it will! Virginia has tied
up the game here in the eighth inning on an
RBI single from Gerstenmaier. A wild throw leaps up
by the catcher, Livers, to make the catch. But Gerstenmaier takes
second base in the throw, now putting the
potential go-ahead run and scoring position. You would pitch to Morgan. And they will. Pitch is grounded, right side. Goaded by Smith. Fires to the plate. Right on the money. And they gun down the
base runner, McMurry, who was going on contact,
and goes three to two, fielder’s choice. It’ll be a one oh pitch. Bettinger deals. Breaking ball grounded
left side of the field, that is through, for a base hit. Connor Myers heads to first
with his right hand extended into the air in celebration. His RBI signal has given Old
Dominion the lead right back.

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