BASEBALL: Notre Dame Game 2 (4/6/19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] Kavadas hits a high fly
ball to deep left field. Back, track, wall. You can say goodbye! A three-run bomb off
the bat of Niko Kavadas. It’s his ninth of the year. And Notre Dame leads it 3-0. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] Line drive, right
field, base hit. The Cavaliers go
station to station and score their first
run of the game, as Tanner Morris
comes up with an RBI. It’s 3-1 Notre Dame. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Line drive into right field. Gilgenbach makes the catch. The throw to the
plate is not in time. And UVA pulls within 1. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Line drive, base hit. And it’s tied at 3. [MUSIC PLAYING] –ERA, especially
among elite pitchers. That’s a high fly ball to right. Back, track. And it’s going to
one-hop the wall. One run scores for Virginia. Tanner Morris is held– scores. It’s Nic Kent who
holds up at third base. It’s an RBI double
from Brendan Rivioli. [MUSIC PLAYING] And they walk in a run. The Cavaliers jump on top 5-3. It’s something the Irish
pitching staff has struggled with throughout this series. [MUSIC PLAYING] The payoff pitch from Boyle. Gets away from the
catcher, Alexander. And another run comes home. [MUSIC PLAYING] The 1-2 pitch. Line drive, base hit! Runners on the corners. And they’re going to
try to score Jung. He’s easily safe. It’s a 1-run ball game. Jung ran through the stop sign. Two outs in the bottom
of the 9th inning. Runners on first and second. Ground ball, up the
middle, a base hit! And the tying run
comes to the plate! But there’s an out at second. And let’s see what the
umpires are going to call. No run! And Virginia wins it! And the umpires
are saying hold up. The umpires won’t
be able to either. And the call on the field was
an out before the run scored. Here’s the run– Zyska coming around to score. Now, the ultimate question,
which happened first– Zyska sliding across home
or Kavadas at second? This is the best look we’ve got. This is crucial, folks. [MUSIC PLAYING] It looks, very clearly, like he
was out before the run scored. That should do it. No run! Safe! No run! I beg your pardon. The umpire made the safe
sign, almost seeming like it was going to be safe. But, instead, he says no run. So the Cavaliers win it 6-5 in
the bottom of the 9th inning.

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  1. After the two highlights I've seen of Notre Dame baseball, I have come to the conclusion that they have no idea what they're doing. Camera guy is shit, announcers are shit, and they're not good at the game to say the least. They should join Syracuse as non baseball ACC schools.

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