BASEBALL: North Carolina (4/26/19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, he was amazing wasn’t he? It was absolutely
incredible to see. There’s a hit, right
side, it sneaks through. They’re going to
send the runner home. And they cut the throw–
no it, gets through. Now that’ll get all the
way to the backstop. And so Virginia taking a
1-0 lead on the RBI single. Can he get 35? He will not, he will
go down looking there as he was a spectator. Did his job. 2-2, breaking ball got him. Here’s the 1-2. He got him. That’s the third strikeout
of the ninth for Murdock. The only thing to
do, here’s the 1-2. And Murdock continuing to deal– –allow a situation like this. –and he does it again. Murdock 1-2. And it hits, McGee, and
the score is now 2 to 1. Murdock, breaking ball, got him. It definitely helps that
we have a line up filled with quite a bit of power. Murdock, absolutely filthy. Your best hitter
at the plate, so. Morris just out of
the reach of Freeman. That’ll fall in, one run
will score, two will score, and Virginia taking a 3-2 lead. One good hitter after
another coming up. Right down the first
base line, fair ball, here comes one run as
Richardson will score. Tanner Morris coming in,
he will stop at third. 4 to 2, Virginia. [INAUDIBLE] There’s Ashton
McGee, high fly ball, tailing towards center field. And there’s the throw in, the
tag up will not be in time. Ashton McGee gets his
second RBI of the night, sacrifice version this time. They’re 2-2. As Martorano’s struggles
continue tonight, he’s now 0 for 3, but
Carolina plates 2. Runner’s going,
ball four, Virginia takes the lead on a
bases-loaded walk, RBI walk. 2-0. Hit left side, out of the reach
of Freeman, one will score. We’ll see if Busch comes up
throwing, there’s the throw, they’re going to let it
go, he’s safe anyway. Richardson beats the throw. [MUSIC PLAYING] He will hit that sky high, and
Virginia, as it’s called off, Alex Tappan will make the catch. And the Wahoos
come to Chapel Hill and get a well-earned victory. 12 to 5, the finals, they
take game one of the series.

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