BASEBALL: Norfolk State

Grant Donahue, with three
innings out of the bullpen, threw 58 pitches. Next one swung on, skied
to right center field. Well tagged. Richardson is going to turn. That ball, on one hop, is over
the wall for a ground-rule double. So home to score is Hayes, and
the Spartans will strike first. Let’s see if Ortiz gets
a pitch to drive now, as Deloatch deals. And he lifts a breaking ball
out toward center field. Starting back now,
coming in on it is Hayes, the center-fielder. He will fire toward second base. Throw is cut off, and
tagging and scoring from third, Tanner Morris. Team action. 2-2. A swing and a miss
on a breaking ball. Diving down and in, [INAUDIBLE]. While hitting .355 at
the plate, Morris swings. Lines one to left field. That’s in for a base hit. And who else but Morris
has himself a two-base hit, as he coasts into second. And home to score
from second base is Alex Tappen for Nic Kent. And the pitch. Swing, and the ball lined
towards right center field. That’s going to settle
in for a base hit. Here comes Morris around third. He’s going to come in to score. And Nic Kent has made it
back-to-back 2-out RBI hits for Virginia. Down to the plate, runner goes. Pitch misses outside. Throw to second
base, and that is in time for the out for Walker. Fastball, roped left side,
and through for a base hit. Ortiz attacked the first pitch,
has his second RBI tonight. And the pitch. Swing, and the ball lifted
down the right-field line, sinking in a hurry. And that is a fair ball,
tucked into the corner. Home to score from
third is Ortiz, and Tappen is in standing
up at second base. His second hit of the ball game. Brings it in. Back to the mound. His first pitch is swung on
and driven to deep left center field. That ball is back. That’s going to chase
Rivoli all the way back, and that ball is gone. Solo home run for
Stephen Baughan. 2-2 pitch. And there’s a called strike
three, and Hayes knew it. Down to Nic Kent. Runner goes from first,
grounded right side, hit and run to perfection. Kent grounds it right into that
vacated spot at second base. Richardson around third base. He’s going to try and come in to
score, and he’s going to do so. Back into ACC play,
swing and a miss. Strike three. Like that. Pitch is swung on and
drilled to left field, chasing back Brown to the
warning track, to the wall. And that ball is
off of the wall. Home to score from
first base is Ortiz. Tappen is in standing
up at second base. That one hits off the
wall right next to him. Michaels loops a line drive
into left field for a base hit. Tappen is around third
base, coming in to score. Throw goes back into second. A line drive past the
shortstop into left field. A base hit. Home to score from third
base, Logan Michaels. Cayman Richardson
is right behind him. And how about Kent tonight? He’s got his fourth
hit of the ballgame. 2-1 pitch now. Hamrock lines it up
the middle, and that is through for a base hit. So Drew Hamrock has his
third RBI of the season. [INAUDIBLE] Pitch is skied to right field. Tappen over towards the
line, and called off Weiller, and made the catch
before running up against that short brick wall.

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