BASEBALL: Miami Game 3 Highlights

Let’s see if
Virginia can come out of Coral Gables on a bright
spot and on a high note as Virginia and Miami meet
for the 56th all-time match-up between the two programs in
this coastal division showdown. 1-2 pitch from Nicholson. Line drive left field. That’s going to settle
into a base hit. Drive home at least one. Home from third is Tackett. Burns around third. He’s coming to the plate. Morris fires towards home. And that throw is not in time. And Escala and Gil. Pitch is swung on and skied. Right side of the infield. Now back into
shallow right field. Cayman Richardson
sprinting in into a dive, and he made the catch. Runner goes. Pitch is swung on and missed. Knight fires down to second. Right on the money. And he is thrown out trying
to steal second base. Another strike
from Caleb Knight. 2-2. Slider lifted to
left center field. Should be deep enough
to get the run home. Burns crossing over. Makes the catch on the move. He will flip back into second
and, indeed, Alex Tappen has himself an RBI and the
sacrifice fly as Weber scores from third base. Sousa from the belt.
The pitch is swung on. Lined on one hop. Diving. Stopped by Weber. Back to his feet. Throws to first in
time for the out. 2-1. Swung on. Grounded up the middle. Weber ranging into a slide. Off balance throw to first,
and Knight digs it out over at first. 1-2 pitch. Swing and a miss. Strike three. Breaking ball from Sousa. He’s got his fourth
strikeout and a 1 2 3 inning. Pitch is swung on and
skied out to left. Chasing back the
left fielder, Rivoli. Warning track. Still going back, and
he can’t catch it. That ball bounces
up against the wall. Trotting home from third
base is Romy Gonzalez. They wave home
the second runner. Throw to the plate to Comer. Bounces in. Not in time. Ending up on third base. The play is Raymond Gil. Miami has broken
this thing open. [INAUDIBLE] and a call. Strike three. That will end it. So Miami has swept the series. Our final today, Miami
8 and Virginia 1.

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