Baseball Manager Leo Durocher Leading the 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers Spring Training

of course you know who this is what other team could run the bases
so nimbly so adroitly so alertly and so much finesse and this is their colorful manager Lippy Leo Durocher why sure it’s the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Ebbets Fielders, the Bums the most colorful team in the major
leagues and now let’s watch the way Leo gets the team into shape and into the headlines you look great come on well, talk about your infield, I got one here well you oughta, come on, Basinski Where are you playing? Get over there! got those two outta the way and get over at shortstop how are you going to get over here? somebody will tie a horse to you who got the ball, Johnny? you gotta move around come on, Sandlock, now you go this way, come on you look great Leo’s always at his charming best during
infield practice if you play for Durocher, you’ve got to have
pepper and plenty of moxie he’ll ride the pants right off of Greenhorn you look great. Try again. oh those big hops You always get those big hops come on, Brownie the sandlot wonder Kiwanis league go on, now pick it up and throw it you haven’t got a bucket of paint with you on third base, you know you’ve gotta get the paintbrush outta your hand let’s go! Gotta break you in right come on, Dix there you are wanna try it again? wanna try it for a coca-cola? well, you gotta back up, you know you’re pretty close you like the level ground, eh? we’ll give you one of those then Nice line of chatter, Leo’s got.
Must of been playing in a closet all winter. aimed but firm, that’s Leo i’ll get you yet hit you on the foot once you know give one to third, will you, Leo? give one to third, why sure. tie your shoes on, Dixie do your best now, this is for the movies did you get that it was a dandy, if it would have stuck in your glove The Dodgers always do the unusual.
This contraption is a control net for pitchers it helps get the free walks out of the
old soup bone cause anywhere inside the square is a strike Leo’s got some sluggers too Augie Galan, Bordagaray Lip himself Aderholt, and of course Dixie Walker well fellas, that’s the general picture, of the Brooklyn club for this coming year but before leaving you, I’d like to just tell you how happy I was to be able to make the
trip overseas all I can say fellas, is that I wouldn’t have missed it for the world it was a grand trip and I enjoyed every minute of it and I hope that you fellas are all home soon and at the next time that I do get to see you fellas again that you’ll be back home in your favorite
ball park thanks very much, and good luck to all of you

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