Baseball Loving Kid in Need Gets a Big Surprise

(crowd applauds) Harrison, his mom Krandalyn and sisters Ryan and Sidney both join us along with Kimberly. Harrison, here you are! Guess what?
(crowd applauds) So Santa sent us your letter, and so you’re here today with your family. We have a bunch of cool gifts for you and your whole family. How does that sound? Oh my God! (crowd cheers) Thank you.
Thank you. There are toys, gift cards, beauty products and handbags for your sisters in there! Thank you! And King Of Christmas is giving your family a Christmas Tree! (crowd cheers) Plus Smart & Final, the smaller, faster grocery warehouse store is giving you a $500 gift card for a Christmas feast! (crowd cheers) Harrison, you love baseball right? Yeah. We reached out to the Cal State Dominguez Hills baseball team. They’re inviting you to practice, to hang out with the players. They are also inviting you and your entire family to a game this season. (crowd claps) Cal State Dominguez Hills grove baseball program to have all the teaching and training equipment there on site. A hat for ya.
Thank you. Put it on! This is signed by all the players. Wow.
Wow. Here’s a little jersey. Harrison you wanna know the coolest thing? What? When you go to the game, you get to throw out the first pitch. (Harrison sighs) (audience claps) Thank you! (audience claps) Thank you. We’re so proud of you Harrison, and we’re so thankful that you came here with your whole family today and Krandalyn I want you to know that your entire family is getting all of the gifts and products that we share on the show today. So you’re getting all that as well. Thank you so much! Thank you so much! I appreciate everything. I appreciate everything. And Miss Moore, thank you for coming and surprising us at home and always being there for Harrison when he needs you. Thank you so much. Thank you.
(crowd applauds) Thank you. How will all of this help your family? Well right now, we’ve been homeless. I’ve been going through eye surgery, and so this definitely will bring a lot of joy to them this Christmas. I thank you so much. (crowd applauds) Well we wish you such a wonderful holiday and the one thing is, I’m looking at all of you, and the one thing I know you all do have is each other. Yes we do. And thank you for being here, and happy holidays. And Harrison, enjoy that game okay buddy? I will. (crowd applauds) And Kimberly, you are remarkable. Thank you for all the great work that you do and if you’re watching at home and you want to adopt a letter this holiday season, we’ll let you know how on our website

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