BASEBALL: Louisville 5/10/19

shots, center field, that’s going to
settle in for a base hit and get the
Cardinals on the board. Louisville picks– Now the 2-2 from Miller. Up the middle, through
for a base hit, home from third, Kent,
right behind him standing up is Zack Gelof, and
Virginia springs in front. Bunt from Kent and a good one. Third base side, Miller spins
and throws it to nobody. Runs going to come home
to score as Richardson crosses the plate. 4 to 1, Virginia. Round ball, right side, diving
stopped by the second baseman, what a play from Lavey. Gelof’s guys went
to center field. That’ll get the job done,
as Dunn is back to catch it. Home for third,
Kent has to throw, goes back into third base. 6 to 1, ‘Hoos. Lift it left side,
charging in comes Snider. That ball’s down and
then for a base hit. They cop a huge
turnaround first. Richardson skies one
left center field. Chasing back Snider, warning
track wall, that ball is gone. Cayman Richardson
leads the yard. A solo shot beyond the left
center field wall and Virginia makes it an 8 to 1 game. And for Cayman Richardson, how
about the first career home run for the third year outfielder. Now the 1-1, round
it up the middle. That’s going to shoot
through for a base hit. The wave around Comer. Done up with it and it
will just hold on to it. Simmons lifts one
right center field. That’s over the head of the
right fielder, Campbell. Rivoli is in to score. The ‘Hoos have
hit double digits. Simmons wants three. Relay throw, in
time for the out. Looking like it will be a rubber
match between the two clones. 1-2 now from Abbott. Swing and a miss, strike three. Andrew Abbot hits
the final six outs. Five by way of the strike out. Dominant ending in
what was a masterfully pitched game from
Virginia here tonight.

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