BASEBALL: Longwood

[MUSIC PLAYING] And he’s got himself
a hitter’s count. Lines the 2-0 into center field. There’s a base hit. Up with it in center is Simmons. Fires towards the
cut-off man, Eikhoff. Out of his reach. 1-0. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Breaking ball, bounced up the
middle and through for a base hit. This kid just keeps on hitting. He’s got another RBI,
his second of the game. And it’s 2-0 Longwood. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Tappen skies one to right. That’s going to chase back
the right fielder, Gilliam. Appears to have room. And he lost it. What an odd route
to the baseball. He couldn’t come up with it. They’re going to wave
Eikhoff around third. He’s going to come in to score. And Tappen ends up at third
base at the end of it all. 12 balls. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Grounded over to second base. There to field it is the
second baseman, Mercado. His flip to first
base is in time. Weiller is retired 4 to 3, but
he’s got an RBI in the process. And a cut and a miss. Chesdin Harrington
has another strikeout. Mercado frustrated. But, hey, no shame in it. Harrington has eight in the
ball game, a new career high. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Tap, third base side. Going to be a tough
play for Gelof. Fields in fair territory. Sidearm sling to
first is in time. [CRACK OF THE BAT] And a line drive, base
hit into left field. Home from third base
to score is Eikhoff. Tappen held up at third base. And an RBI single for Nic Kent. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Line drive off the
bat of Morrison into right-center
field for a base hit. Tappen can waltz home. And Morris diving in
safely at second base. Taking two out of the box, and
he’s got himself an RBI double. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Line drive, right-center field. That ball is down. And a hop in front of the
center fielder, McAllister. One run is home as
Tappen will score. An RBI single for Tanner Morris. [CRACK OF THE BAT] And he grounds one
over to third base out of the reach of Blakeney. And slowed down
by the shortstop, Pitts, but into left
field for a base hit. Michaels home to
score the first run. Right behind him is
Kent to score as well. [CRACK OF THE BAT] 3-1. Drives one to left-center field. Chasing back, Carter. He’s got plenty of
room, makes the catch. Tagging from third, heading home
is the lead runner, Richardson. And he will score run
number 13 for Virginia. Here comes the
payoff from Sperling. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Swing and a ball lifted
towards right-center field. Ranging back goes Tappen. Has a beat on it. Under it. And the ball game is over. So Virginia, in dominant fashion
today, 13 to 4 the final.

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