Baseball – Life In The Minor Leagues

what is the %uh the life of a minor league
ball player like is it a lot of parties a lot of work a lot of fun is
it all of that or what well i i think it’s a little bit of everything i think it’s kind of what
you wanna make it i know for myself i love coming to the
park every day and getting my work in i like to come here early have some food
then start working cuz i love work
I love doing this and %ah now what is the average range of the players
in the clubhouse %uh well i think %uh i know we got a seventeen-year-old
in there just came up so %uh but i think it’s around twenty years old twenty twenty
one and it ranges from seventeen to what’s the oldest
player in the minor leagues with in the clubhouse here about twenty three i think is the oldest
guys tell me what a typical day is like we tend
to think of you guys living the dream out here getting payed to play baseball is it is it all fun or is it a lot of work from the time you’re up till the time the
games are over at the end of the day pretty much wake up get some food head to the
park early %uh we start taking batting practice hours
before the game and quite a bit of down time in the clubhouse and %uh i just just kind of mentally prepare and get ready for the game what would be the workload what would
a typical day look like from here til as long as you play baseball %uh definitely getting up everyday and knowing keeping
that goal in mind that you want to be on the big leagues that
big league team you know just just yet never taking days off
just going out there working hard every day and you’re going to be tired we have a long
season that we have long seasons you know and you’re going to be tired you just gotta suck it up and say look i this
is the dream that I’ve had my whole life and you gotta go with it now there’s this this %uh image of minor league
baseball as long bus trips and tiny parks but we seem to be here in one of
the most beautiful parks of any baseball you think it’s a great field oh it’s unbelievable
this is definitely one of the best home fields I’ve played on we we’ve we’ve been in some very nice visiting parks but the atmosphere here is great I mean you can’t beat these boston fans
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