BASEBALL: Liberty Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s a midweek showdown
at Disharoon Park where the Virginia
Cavaliers play host to the Liberty Flames. [MUSIC PLAYING] And a called strike 3. Even 90 miles an hour on the
radar gun from Kyle Whitten. He’s got his first
strikeout of the evening. Now the payoff– breaking
ball was swung on and missed. And after the lead-off
walk, Kyle Whitten comes back to
strike out the side. That angle coming
out of the hand– cut and a miss. Used it again to get his fourth
strikeout of the ballgame, and a 1-2-3 second inning. Line drive, left
field– base hit! Here comes Rivoli around third,
Embry up with it in left. That throw is going
to be cut off, and the Hoos have struck first– Justin Novak with an RBI single. He swings and lines
one to right center. Artis is gonna have
to play it on a hop. Novak heads first to
third, throw gets through and gets away, and Novak is
gonna break for the plate. Hand picks it up– his throw
is off the back foot of Novak, and Virginia tacks
on another one. Weber swings and drives
one to right center field. That chases back Rohrer–
he’s to the wall, and that ball is
off of the wall. In to score is Morris. They will wave Richardson
around– he’s gonna come in and score, and it’s a four-run
inning for the Wahoos. Couple more RBIs for Andy
Weber with a two-out double– his 34th and 35th runs
batted in of the season. Here’s a line drive base
hit to right center field. That’s gonna get a run home. Matthew is in from third. Racing around
second is Galazin– going to third. He’s gonna come in
to score, and they will hold up Allen at second
base, with a two-RBI double. And just like that,
right on cue, Liberty right back into the
thick of things. The 0-2, swing, and a ball
lifted to right, well tagged. Rohrer is back, Rohrer to
the wall– that ball is gone! A three-run shot for
Cam Comer, and the Hoos break it open in
the seventh inning. Runner goes. Swing, and a ball
driven to right. He might have done
it this time around. No doubt about it! Up onto the second level beyond
the bullpen for Tanner Morris. A two-run blast to make
it 11 to 3, Virginia. Lifted to left,
drifting over, Hlinka– Cavaliers have taken
the midweek game. [SOUND EFFECT]

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