BASEBALL – Kent State Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] The grass is cut, the
lines are chalked, and the infield
dirt has been raked. 2016 Virginia baseball is on
the air in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On this sunny
afternoon, we don’t just celebrate the opening
day for our guys. Today also begins the defense
of the national championship. And now the pitch. Swing and a miss, strike three. Jones has his first K of 2016. Now the 2-2 offering to Miklos,
wave and a miss, strike three. A 1-2-3 inning for Connor
Jones to get this game started. Swings and lifts it out
towards center field. Racing back is Haseley. Turns his back. Shading his eyes,
he makes the catch, drifting into left center field. Now the righty. Ready. Pitch is swung on and missed. He buried a slider behind
the back foot of Simonetti. Jones set at the
belt, the pitch. He shows bunt, pulls it back. Snap throw down to first base. They got him picked off. The throw is in time. Thaiss to Pavin Smith. Next one on the way, sung
on, chopped up the middle. Pinero, a long way to
go, but he’s got it. Behind the bag,
throws onto first. High throw, but Smith
reaches up to catch it. Two balls, two strikes. Connor Jones deals. Swing and a miss, ball bounced
in, Thaiss has to hurry. Picks it up along
the third baseline. Throws to first in time
for the out, as Pavin Smith stretches out to complete
yet another 1-2-3 inning. The pitch– bounced it
in, got by the catcher. That’s going to
open the scoring. Home from third is Coman. Around third and slamming
on the brakes, McCarthy. He thought about it. It took DalPorto a
while to find it. 1-0 Wahoos. The 1-0, swung on and lined
back up the middle, a base hit. Clement has come
through yet again. Home from third, McCarthy. Right behind him standing
up is Adam Haseley. It is 3-0 Virginia here in
the bottom half of the fourth as Ernie Clement comes
through in the clutch with a two-out base hit. Pitch is swung on, hit
hard towards third. That’s picked there by Weber. He’ll go to second for one. Clement relays
back on the first. What a play around the horn. The first year Andy Weber
gets it all started. Clement in the middle of it. And when it’s all said and
done, lead off single erased and two gone here in the fifth. Pitch is a waved at and missed. Loved that, man. Connor Jones has
strikeout number six. Jones deals. He shows bunt, bats it
[? in front of ?] the plate. Out to play quickly, Thaiss
spins and throws to first. How about that pick from
Pavin Smith on the low high? And the pitch–
called strike three. No doubt about it this time. Miklos knew it. Jones has strikeout
number seven. East Carolina Pirates. Pitch it cut on and missed. Another 1-2-3 inning
from Connor Jones. He’s got eight strikeouts in
seven innings of work– seven efficient innings at that. Set at the belt, lefty deals. Clement bunts up the first
base line, a good one. That’s going to be a tough play. Picked up by Simonetti. Throws it away over the
first baseman’s head into right field. Dooley played at Boston College. Next pitch grounded
back up the middle. That’s through for a base hit. Smith comes through with an
RBI single to score Ernie Clement from third base. And the Wahoos tack
on another one. It 4-0 Virginia. Next pitch swung on and driven
out towards left center field. Racing back is Mamarella,
the center fielder, towards the wall. They look up, and
that ball is gone. Cam Simmons opens
up the home run hitting on this 2016 campaign,
as the first-year leaving his mark on his
first career game. A long ball to
left center field. It’s 5-0 Virginia. Patrick Dayton comes set. The pitch, swung on, hit
left side of the infield, and through for a base hit. Pavin Smith cashing in
going the opposite way. That’ll make it
7-0, and now Pavin going to take the extra base. It remains second and third,
and Virginia adds a run. The 2-2 pitch, swung on,
lined towards right field. Ranging over goes the
right fielder, Burch. He makes the catch. Tagging from third and
heading home comes Thaiss. Throw is cut off,
and it’s 8-0 Wahoos. Sacrifice fly for Danny Pinero. Tommy Doyle to make
the start on Sunday. There’s a called strike three. Rosenberger places a
fastball over the outer edge. Out number 2, and the
Hoos are one out away. Lefty against lefty. Rosenberger sets and deals. Swung on and lined towards
right center field. That’s going to slip the gap
and is down for a base hit. One run is home. This could clear the bases. Second round scores. Here comes run number three. Go to the plate, not in time. 8-6 our score. It is a bases-clearing double. The pitch– swung on,
grounded toward short. This should do it. Pinero has it. Danny steps on the bag,
and the Wahoos win it. 1-0 to start 2016. A little bit more
interesting than we thought when the ninth inning began. But a win is a win,
and the Hoos are 1-0.

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  1. Great start to the season, despite the scare in the 9th. Thanks for putting together this game highlight reel for those of us who are not able to watch the game. Much appreciated!

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