[MUSIC PLAYING] Drops it down. And Eikhoff going to have to
take the out at first base. Good job by Kent covering. Dukes are on the board first. Earlier this month. There’s a called strike
three over the inside corner. Semones tried to lean into it. Pay-off now from Ortiz. Swing and a miss. Strike three. Blew a fastball by him. Spring as it went. Called strike three. If you push the season back
as their strike three called. He found it. This level. That doesn’t play but– That does. –that certainly does. Rivoli swings,
skies one to right. Chasing back the
right fielder Willis. Onto the track to
make the catch. Tagging from third, Tappen. He will come home to
score the tying run. Brendan Rivoli top-spins the
ball to right field to even up the ball game. There they go. Goggin deals inside. Ball four. Virginia was going
to take a 2-to-1 lead on a bases-loaded walk here. Cam Simmons taking a
full-count pitch inside. Hunter goes. Pitch skied right side. And Eikhoff does great work. Oh, to back to find that ball. That was almost an
incredible double play. They might have to take
a look at this one. That was close. Ryan O’Connor has already– I don’t think he said anything. He took a step
out of the dugout, slapped his hands to his
ears, and the umpires are going to go take a look. We saw two bizarre plays now–
one last night, one tonight. And good job by our replay crew. There he goes upstairs. Throw to second base. Right on the money. DaVonn Griffin perfect no more
in the stolen base department. What a throw from Cam Comer. Right on the bag. Swing and a miss. Strike three. [INAUDIBLE] powers up at 92. Just like that, the
‘Hoos our one out away. Lifted to right off
the end of the bat. Tappen is there. Ball game. Virginia sweeps the midweek set
and sweeps the season series from JMU tonight in
a pitcher’s duel.

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