BASEBALL: JMU (4/9/19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] Ball struck to right field. Going back is Willis. He’ll look up, and
that is just going to clear the wall by a
considerable margin, actually. As it hits on out. And it is a 3-0 lead. Rivoli, three men
up, and three men have scored for the Cavaliers. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Grounds it and gets
underneath the glove of Harju. Stopped by Dipasupil. But there is no play
to be had by the Dukes, and a run will score. [CRACK OF THE BAT] And that goes the opposite way. It’s muscled into right field. They’re way the runner home. A run will score, and the Dukes
have runners at the corners and they’re all on the board. Years two, as some of their– [CRACK OF THE BAT] Ball whacked into right
field for a base hit. Here comes a runner
to the plate. Here comes the throw. It’s a little behind
schedule, and run comes sliding in with
Simmons doing so. And Charleston Southern
all right there. [CRACK OF THE BAT] That’s got charge to it. Deep it goes, and it has gone. Rivoli, a two-run, or two-homer
day thus far, and he’s got more opportunities ahead of
him, as he launches his second. This one not so loud. It’s a solo shot. 2-1, runner goes. And that’s shot through
the hole on the left side. A run scores, it’s
7-1 Cavaliers. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Powers it up on the
infield, left side it is. Its Dabney, and the shortstop. It is Semones. He doesn’t come up with it. Run scores as it hits the turf. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Charges the one down
the line in left. Here’s Dipasupil. They’re going to
wave him around. Dipasupil on his way home,
and he will yield the run. It’s an 8-2 ballgame. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Chopper. This might be a tough play. Third baseman,
this is [INAUDIBLE] and he’ll come across with
it, and he does get it. Pocket on its own. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Struck into right field. Caught. Runner tags, ball comes
back into the infield. Everybody moves up, and
that does change the score. Make it 9-2. He dropped the ball high,
and that’s strike three. And it’s going to
be the ballgame. 9-3, our final score.

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