BASEBALL – Iron Cavalier Challenge

[MUSIC PLAYING] The obstacle course and the
Iron Cavalier Challenge. What they do is they
just prepare you for any mental
battle that you’re going to face on the field. And they really, really
help you overcome adversity. They’re going to have
challenging times. Their body’s not going to
feel good on certain days. They’re going to have to
bounce back and handle failure, and lack of success,
and things like that. And so that’s– you try to,
through a conditioning session, try to mirror what they’re going
to experience as a baseball player. It’s such a long
journey, but it’s just a matter of coming to the
field every single day. Green to green. Come on. Come on. Come on! What we do throughout
the entire semester is have little competitions
that the players compete against each other. Physical and
conditioning competitions to where they earn
points based on how they finish with their teammates. And so it all kind of
culminates with the obstacle, being the case tonight, that
is worth the most points. In the fall we kind of do
a lot more conditioning and a lot of challenging
guys to say hey, this is what it’s
like at this level. That’s just what– you’ve
never been challenged like this in your life
at the high school level, whatever it is. This is a different
level of baseball. It’s a different
level, mentally, that you’ve never
been prepared for. Coach McMullen
takes a lot of pride in putting this obstacle
course together, you know? And he spends a lot of
thoughtful time deciding what we’re going to do. First and foremost for our
guys to be safe, but second for them to really push
themselves and challenge themselves physically
and mentally. The coach wanted this course
to be difficult for us because we’re going
to hit our highs and lows during the
season, as any team would. So we need to be
able to bounce back. When we get 2/3 into the
season, you can’t just quit. You’ve got to put
it in overdrive, and you have to find some way
to finish out as best you can. So that final stretch is both
the best and the worst feeling in the world, because your
body has nothing left to give. Your forearms are on fire. So it’s just killing
your body, but your mind is telling you I just got a
few more steps and it’s over. So it’s a little bit of
both in that circumstance. But once you drop that
plate and start running, that was the best
feeling in the world. You finish the obstacle
course yourself, and if there’s
people behind you, you just go and you encourage
them the rest of the way. And it’s a great time to see
guys competing for the team and trying to finish
that for everybody. And so when it gets down
to the last guy– and like, you saw Logan kind of
struggling to get there. He had lost his legs and he
was cramping a little bit, but he didn’t stop. He continued through the line. So everybody’s so excited
to see him competing like that, and then everyone
just kind of piles in and joins in on the fun because it
officially kind of marks the end of our fall. This is the 16th one of
these obstacle courses that we’ve done. It seems like every year,
the last guy to finish, there’s a huge celebration and
a kind of piling on at the end. And I love to see that
because, like I said, this is a long season. There’s a lot of times
throughout a season that these teammates got to
to pick each other up, right? And it’s an emotional
game, and you got to play with a lot of energy. So I’d love to see that energy
that the players show there at the end of the
obstacle course. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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