BASEBALL INFIELD TIPS: How To Make The Perfect Throw On The Run!

What’s up guys, Coach Madden,
and I’m here with Nick Shaw from The Baseball Box. If you don’t know about The Baseball Box check
down below. I’ll put a link down there for you. And he’s going to talk about making throws
on the run. You know we hear all the time “you’ve got
to set your feet to make the throw” but guess what, there are a few plays where we can’t
really set our feet, we’ve got to get rid of the ball quick and Nick’s got some great
tips for us. What do you got? That’s right. Almost one time a game, at least one time
a game you’re going to see a chopper in the infield where the infielder has to come in
and throw on the run. In a perfect world we want to set our feet,
make a good throw but sometimes the ball doesn’t dictate that. So we’re going to talk about that a little
bit. First things first, speed of the hop, or speed
of the ball, if there’s a big hop I want to come get it if it’s above my waist, two hand
catch, making my throw. If it’s below my waist, one hand catch, bringing
it in together, and then making the throw. We’re determining that on our approach to
the ball. If I have the ability to get my right shoulder
around the ball and get my momentum starting to head towards first base, I want to do that. Again, that’s dictated by the ball. What I mean by that is, instead of charging
the ball with my shoulders square to the plate, I want to try to get around the ball and catch
it this way to get my right shoulder headed towards first base, create my momentum that
way. Because remember, every time I have the ball
and I’m on the run, the ball is moving, the ball is moving with me. So the ball is moving away from first base
if I take that ball straight on, it’s moving this way. If I can create my momentum and have the ball
with me, the ball is now moving in a direction towards first base. That’s important because as soon as I go to
throw this ball, not only am I moving, but the ball is moving as well, which means my
throw is going to go that way. It’s going to tail up the line. Which brings me to where we are aiming. If I’m throwing on the run, I’ve got to keep
that in mind, the ball is going to tail with me so my target is outside of my first baseman,
to the left of my first baseman. I used to aim about five feet to the left
of the first baseman when I’m throwing on the run. So on approach, trying to get my shoulders
around the ball, make my one handed or two handed catch, staying compact, that’s the
next step, with my front shoulder. I don’t want to fly open because now I’m losing
velocity, this isn’t a strong position and the ball is going to run and sink with me. So getting around the ball, making my proper
catch, keeping tight with my front shoulder, bringing my glove to my chest, making a throw. We’re not throwing off of our left, we’re
throwing off of our right foot here. So glove to the chest, making our throw off
of our right foot, keeping in mind that we are running and we don’t have the ability
to throw over the top anymore. But we don’t want to get under 90 degrees,
we don’t want to get under 90 degrees. We want to keep our arm about 90 degrees,
throwing this way to our target, keeping in mind the ball is going to run with us, to
hit my first baseman in the chest. Now, one question, when you’re coming through,
let’s say you can’t get fully around that ball which sometimes happens and you’re not
creating that momentum towards first base, or maybe you are, what is the after throw
like? Do you peel off away from where you’re throwing
or do you try to go towards where you’re throwing, are you continuing your momentum through the
ball where you fielded it? How does that work? Or is it different? So I always wanted to keep my my momentum
towards first or as close as I can. I don’t want to fall off my throw because
the ball is going to move with me. If I don’t stay through that throw, I fall
off the throw, my velocity is decreasing, and the ball is now going to run more. If I can’t get my right shoulder around the
ball for a short stop, say there’s a chopper between you and the third baseman, sometimes
I can’t get around that ball, but you have to keep in mind that I’m going to have less
velocity and the ball is going to run even more. So now instead of five feet, maybe I’m aiming
out ten feet and the ball is going to sink with you on this because I don’t have much
velocity so I’m aiming a little bit higher that way the ball is going to run right to
my first baseman. Now, let me ask you this, when you are fielding
that ball and you come to go throw are you, your footsteps as you go to throw, are you
going to have a little bit of a, almost like a mini jump in there as you do it? Or is it going to just be a continued step? Or how does that work? At the very end you’re going to have a little
tiny hop that way you can time it right. Based on your footwork coming to the ball
and how the ball is bouncing, maybe that hop gets a little bigger but the last step on
to your right leg is going to be a little adjusted that way you’re on time with your
arm and your body. Awesome. Awesome stuff. Thank you so much. If you haven’t checked out The Baseball Box,
click the link down below. Don’t forget to watch some of these other
videos that we got for you and subscribe to the channel. Thanks guys. Thank you Nick.

14 thoughts on “BASEBALL INFIELD TIPS: How To Make The Perfect Throw On The Run!

  1. Awesome video! This is just what I needed, I have very bad accuracy! So if I wanted to make a throwing play from 1st base without this video, then I would throw very wildly! With this video and practicing these tips I shall be a play maker!

  2. I occasionally have issues where a catch down low below the knees just never sinks into my glove or I go to make a scoop and I deflect it instead. Any ideas why this may be and what I can do to fix it?

  3. Hey coach i don't want necessarily have a throwing on the run problem but I actually think I do it well. My only problem that i have is that on a regular ground ball I'll go down get it and than I stand straight up and make a wild throw always to the left or high. He says I need to stay low and finish my throw. Is there anything I can do to work on this?

    Another vid with Mr Shaw? You're spoiling us, coach <3
    Have a great day, you just made mine!

  5. Love y'alls videos I use alot of your videos when I run practice with my kids at home and with my little league team thank y'all so much for awesome videos #BSBLIFE

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