Baseball Idioms Simplified

In this video we will look at some of the more common baseball idioms. But first of all. to understand American culture, you have to understand a little bit about baseball Game was invented in the United States in the 1800s. It has become a part of who we are. This picture shows Babe Ruth, a true American icon, a player in the 20s and 30s. He was as well-known as any movie actor or any president. During World War Two when the Japanese would attack an American position, they would yell “to hell with Babe Ruth.” This is a picture of Jackie Robinson. He was the first Negro player allowed into the major leagues when the Dodgers signed him to a contract. He became more than a baseball player, he became a civil rights icon and leader. He was an inspiration for all black people in the United States at the time. This is the picture of a baseball card, This is an older card. In 1952 you would buy a pack. It would have five cards and a stick of gum Youngsters would save their allowance, run down to their local store and buy these packs hoping to get some of their favorite players. For Americans of a certain generation Mickey Mantle was their first hero. The card pictured is a 1952 Topps rookie card. Rookie card means it was Mickey’s first card and is quite valuable Recently one of these cards sold in an auction for over five hundred thousand dollars Most father and sons in America at one time will have a game of catch It is a wonderful bonding moment between the father and the son Ok, let’s start with the idioms now. But first, sing along with this great traditional song about baseball In baseball if you fail to put the ball in play before three strikes you make an out or fail, in this cartoon Billy has asked Sally if she would like to go out on a date her response is “not if you were the last boy on earth.” Billy has struck out. In baseball if you hit a home run either by hitting the ball over the fence or circling the bases before the fielder can throw you out it is called a home run or hitting out of the park This is the best thing you can do in baseball It would be like scoring a goal in soccer, in this cartoon Sally responds to Billy with “I would love it,” when he asked her to go on a date Billy has hit a home run, so Billy has succeeded, he has accomplished his goal Baseball is one game that cannot be played in the rain. So unless you’re at a dome stadium you will be issued what they call a rain check. You can go to a game in the future using this rain check. In the world of idioms it has two meanings It is a receipt or a slip of paper allowing you to buy something that was on sale at the store did not have. This rain check issued by CVS Pharmacy will allow the customer to buy the item on his next trip to their store. Another common use for this term is to do something at a later date. In this picture Billy asks Sally, Do you want to go to lunch? Sally responds, “I’m too busy jumping rope. can I get a rain check?” Our next idiom is ballpark figure or just ballpark This is when you’re asking somebody to give you an estimation or an educated guess Our next idiom is called playing hardball This means you are very strict or very serious about a situation Maybe at work one of your co-workers is not doing his or her job so it might be time for you to play hardball with them A baseball is known as a hardball Idiom batting a thousand, in baseball this would mean that you got a hit every time a bat, this is impossible. This is a picture of Ty Cobb he has the highest lifetime batting average in baseball at 366. In Idiom world this simply means being extremely successful. Okay, our second idiom is called on deck. This is the next person to do something. In baseball It’s the next person to bat, in life It would be you’re the next person to give a presentation or to do something at work. You would be on deck Next up is pinch-hit This means to replace someone This picture shows Kirk Gibson who has pinch-hit in game one of the 1988 World Series, he has just hit a home run to win the game The idiom go to bat for someone in baseball it exactly the same as pinch-hit. However in idiom world It’s more like you are supporting someone or something? The idiom three strikes and you’re out, remember three strikes and you’ve made an out or failed. In life that would mean you have had multiple chances and still have failed a task So three strikes you strike out, we know that’s a failure. This idiom talks about having two strikes, this would simply mean that you are in a potential dangerous situation You are about to fail The idiom throw someone a curve, in baseball a pitcher tries to deceive the batter by putting movement on the ball, in idiom world it simply means you are trying to trick or deceive someone Idiom 13 also refers to a ball that is thrown in a different way to deceive the batter, as an idiom It simply means somebody who is a little different and might be considered maybe a little strange. Our next idiom is to touch base, now in baseball there are three bases and home plate, as an idiom it simply means to connect with someone Can’t get to first base Remember in baseball if you can’t get to first base you are out or you have failed. The idiom simply means you are not even close to being successful. The idiom cover all your bases this is simply you making sure that all possibilities have been explored or examined, you could say I need to cover all my bases before I make this presentation at work You Okay about baseball when you stand still pick up your head don’t pick up your head, okay Then you’ll go and peddle your popcorn and don’t interrupt the act anymore Yes, you know trace may seem they give ballplayers nowadays very peculiar names funny nicknames penny not as funny as my name’s Sebastian On the st. Louie team we have that who’s on first what’s on second? I don’t knows on third That’s what I want to find out. I want you to tell me the names and the focus on a single team I’m telling you who’s on first. What’s on second? I don’t knows on third. You gotta fill those names. Yes Well, then who’s playing first? Yeah
I mean the fellows name on first base who? The fellow playing first base for singular who the guy on first base who is on first? What he asking me for I’m not asking you I’m telling you who is on first. I’m asking you who’s on first? That’s the man’s name. That’s who’s? On first then who’s playing for you, absolutely When you pay off the first base for everyone who gets them on every dollar of it Why not the man’s entitle it would yes So who gets it? Why shouldn’t he? Sometimes his wife comes down and collects it. Who’s what? Yes After all the man earns it what does absolutely Well, I’m trying to find out is what’s the guy’s name on first base? What is on second base? I’m not asking you who’s on second song first That’s what I’m trying to find out don’t change the players. I’m not changing nobody. It’s the guy’s name on first base What’s the guy’s name on second base? I am not asking you who’s on seconds on first. I don’t know. He’s on site We’re not talking about him How could I get out of third base you mention his name if I mention a third base was name Who did I say playing third? No who’s playing first? What do you want me to do? What’s the guy’s name? I third thing what’s on second? I’m not asking you Who’s that second was on first? I don’t know He’s on third there. I go back on third again, but I can’t change their names. Will you please stay on third base? Mr. Broadway now, what did you want to know? What is the fullest name on third base? What is the fellows name on second? I know Who’s that seconds on first? I don’t know third bitch You got an outfield brochure st. Louis’s got absolutely now that feel this name why I Don’t know. I just thought I’d ask. Well, I just thought I’d tell you then Tell me who’s playing left field always playing first a yeah and see how my trainings out here. I don’t know What’s the fellows name and let’s see. What is one second? I’m not asking you who’s that? Second is on first I don’t know third base Take it easy man

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