10 thoughts on “Baseball Highlights: 2045: World Series: EP01

  1. I like the streamlined back and forth between offense and defense. I always thought of other sports being like that more than baseball.

  2. Nice one Colin. Great 3rd game!
    Set it up nicely, hope you can win the 4th to make for a grandstand finish.

    I won't be too disappointed if the Brewers win, my maternal grandparents were Brewers!
    Grandad used to work for a brewery too! lol
    But good luck. I'll be cheering the Twins on! 😀

    Hope the new cast means that the hand is on the mend.

  3. More games!!! Just got the game two days ago before leaving for Denmark so I play vicariously throuh you 🙂
    Thanks mate, and GO TWINS!

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