BASEBALL: Georgia Tech Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today, UVA goes for an all
important series victory while the Yellow Jackets
look to even things up. [MUSIC PLAYING] 2-2 pitch, swing and
a miss, nasty slider to retire the [INAUDIBLE]
1-2-3 frame for Noah Murdock. Past the diving Novak,
the Yellow Jackets will strike first on
Wade Bailey’s RBI single. And they will hold up
Colin Hall at third base. More walks than
strikeouts on the year, he lips one to right field. Tappen coming in,
tagging at third is Hall. Here comes the
throw to the plate. That’s a wild one and backed up
by the 6-foot-8 Noah Murdock. But Murray catches
in, a sacrifice fly. And it’s 2-0 Yellow Jackets. Trying to give himself
a better angle. Throw to third base from
Comer is right on the money. Well, a gamble from Wade
Bailey, Georgia Tech runs themselves out of inning. That scored Oscar Serratos,
lifted to left center, Ortiz towards the gap. He’s got to play it on a hop. Opposite field base
hit and a clutch, two-out single for Chase Murray,
the drive home, Wade Bailey. Called strike three, 92
over the outside edge and another 1-2-3 inning
for Griff McGarry. [METAL CLANKING] Oh, right under the
glove of McCann. And Comer will be in
standing up at second base. It’s a bit few and far
between for both teams today. Line drive to left center
field and Tanner Morris has cashed in for Virginia. Opposite field single
and he stays red hot in this series, his fifth hit. [METAL CLANKING] Line drive off the bat of
English towards the gap, off with contact,
barred from first. And he’s going to
come around to score. And standing up at second base,
Tristin English with a big clutch. Two-out, RBI double to
make it 5-1 Georgia Tech. Hard hit, backhanded by Wilhite,
the short round to second, and the series is evened up. What a performance today
from Connor Thomas. He will go the distance. His third career complete
game with the Yellow Jackets have evened the series
up at a game apiece.

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