baseball game vlog + giveaway!

hi guys welcome back to another youtube
video today we’re going to a baseball game so let’s get ready for us for the game maybe you should do that again hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel today we are going to a baseball game and some other fun stuff so I figured I would vlog the day this is my cousin grace she’s been some other
videos but here she is also I have a giveaway that I’m doing so stick around end of
the video to hear more about that alright so first I’m going to be doing
my hair and my makeup and getting ready for the baseball game I’m gonna do I
think something fun with my eyeshadow at least a little bit more color than I
usually do to go with- ‘Thia’ what what’s your giveaway it’s gonna be a ___ a whole _____ why can’t I win so I live in st. Petersburg Florida
and we’re going to the Tampa Bay Rays which is they’re called the Tampa Bay Rays but actually their stadium is in st. Pete so at the beginning of summer
I made a summer bucket list and we’ve been trying to check off as many as we
can during the week that she’s here with us we’ve done a lot and one of
them is baseball games and that’s over during that today it’s Memorial Day
today so happy Memorial Day but when you watch this it won’t be a Mnmnerorials day Memorials day it may not be that tan but at least I
have freckles so I’m content so I didn’t do eyeshadow before I did mascara so I’m going to do that now out of order it’s fine okay I’m gonna do mascara again and then we’ll be done with the makeup oh also I have a cold sore which is what
that is if I’m dehydrated before like a few days before my period starts I get
a cold sore so this is why this is here okay now for my hair I don’t have a ton
of time so I think I’m just gonna let it be looks good just kinda the natural waves I’m gonna go get change
and I’ll be right back okay so this is my outfit for today it’s just this Tampa bay rays tank top and then jean shorts and I don’t know what I’m going to do for shoes but probably sandals sure we’ll go with sandals hey guys I’m walking up to the Tropicana field they’re teasing me about my ‘non-baseball food’ no paparazzi oh okay we just got home from the baseball game the rays won so it was a really good game it’s so hot outside I’m all sweaty
but we are going to the melting pot tonight it’s kind of tradition with
whenever my cousin comes we always go to melting pot so we’re going to the melting pot tonight I look really flushed because I just walked my dogs and it’s hot outside as I already said so we’re gonna clean up and look a little bit cute and go to the melting pot (music) thank you guys so much for
watching if you enjoyed please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe my
channel if you’re not already and for the giveaway I’m giving away this brand
new Polaroid all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel and
follow me on Instagram Instagram my Instagram is @thiamarie
once you’ve subscribed just screenshot it and sends me on Instagram so I can
verify that you have subscribed if you’re already subscribed just do the
same thing just screenshot to show that you’re subscribed sends to me on
Instagram that is it that’s all you have to do and you’ll be entered to win this
brand-new Polaroid I want you to this giveaway because I want to thank you
guys for all of your support and that’s basically my only reasoning I just wanted to thank you guys so a give away is the best thing best way to do that oh cool

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