– [Dan] Timelapse. (“Rainbow Road” by nanobii) – [Dan] This guy. – Good morning! We’re watching batting practice. And they are crushing it. – [Dan] Lots of home runs. How ’bout. Did you hear it? That’s the end, Lincoln. Game starts in about 30 minutes. And we gotta leave! Terrible timing. – Sad. – When I looked it up, I forgot that I was in
the Mountain timezone. I thought the game started at 11. I scheduled our collab
to be at one o’clock. Thinking we could watch
like a few innings. But then no, I messed up. So now the game starts
right when we leave yay! We’re gonna film an awesome
collab with a musician today. Andrew Huang. Super cool channel. I don’t know what this
collab is gonna look like. But we’ve got a few ideas. So we’re going to over to Home Depot and buy some of the tools that we couldn’t buy yesterday. We’ve got to get to the
Lowe’s before the close. Get to the Lowe’s. Before they close. Because of Good Friday. And then we’re going to go to his place. And make something fun happen. This’ll be fun! – Let’s do it, do it, let’s do it. (soft electronic music) – So we’re trying to get to Home Depot. Buy some stuff. And the Uber dropped us off at
the wrong place in the rain. I’m hoping on the other
side of this tunnel is the entrance to Home Depot. Heh. – [Lincoln] Look at the ceiling! (soft electronic music) – [Dan] Maybe it’s over there. I see it! (soft electronic music) Aghh! All wet. Camera’s all wet. Lincoln’s all wet. Okay let’s get our stuff. A machete. A hatchet. A Dremel, hopefully. This angle grinder. And some blades. Does that look good Lincoln? And then maybe Andrew would want these. And will keep it. We’ll leave it here for him. – Why would they want it? – Alright we found our Uber. That is the strangest
Home Depot location ever. On our way. We’re going to be a few minutes late. But next stop should be Andrew’s place. And we get to learn a bunch about music. A lot of collabs we do people reach out to us and stuff. And this one was one where
I saw Andrew’s channel and I loved it. And I loved how good he is with music. I really wanted to learn
how this thing works. And Lincoln is interested in music. So he’s wanted to know
how this thing works. Lincoln’s last few
minutes of playing Zelda. Get that Master Sword real quick. And we made it! – We did! – You made it! – [Dan] Andrew Huang! Check out your studio. Look at this place. It’s huge! Huge. – It used to be a gum factory. – [Dan] No! – They made gum here. They needed a huge building
just to make gum I guess. – What? A gum factory? This is the place where the magic happens. – Recording room. Where I do most of my blogs. And record most of my music. – [Lincoln] No echo. – There’s no echo here.
– I’m sure you can tell. – This is perfect. – The difference in audio. – Did it echo before you
put all this stuff in here? – A little bit, like if I clapped. It would kinda bounce a bit. You could here it. – You went to school for
some type of music I’m sure. – I did. Well I started in composition. And then I didn’t really
find that they were teaching composition very well. I mean it’s hard, right? You’ve got so many different
people writing their own thing. And how do you evaluate that? So I kinda like just switched out. And I did a bunch of different
kinds of music courses. I learned about synthesizers. I learned about African drums. Like all kinds of stuff
so it was really cool. – Wow. And now he’s on Youtube. And so we’re going to
film our video right now. It’s going to be really fun. Lincoln and I get to learn a
ton about unique side of music. And I mean, we come from a musical family. You guys have seen the cello in our house. Leslie plays the cello. And then Julie lives at our house. And she plays the violin,
she’s really really good. So anyway. We’ll put a link in the channel. Go get lost for a little
while on his channel. And watch the noise that raven’s making. It turns into music. (raven noise beat) Or Donald Trump’s sniff. And how it turns into music. (Trump sniffs) – So first of all, set your BPM to 70. Because that’s how old Donald Trump is. (Trump laughs) – What’re we doing? (Trump sniff beat) – Or one of my favorites. The hyper-lapse of him singing a song. And he had to sit there forever and sing really slow and
everything’s moving fast. (hyper-lapse music) We’re gonna ask him how
he did that in a minute. But that’s the end of
behind the scenes for now. We’ll see you in a few minutes. (soft electronic music) ‘Kay we just wrapped up our video. And now Andrew is doing his magic work. He gets the different noises of– – We’re gonna make some sounds together. – We’re gonna make the song. – Whatever’s here, whatever we find. – This is how it works. (soft electronic music) – A consistent flow, like it’s raining. (Lincoln laughing) – Depending how close
I get with the rubber. It affects the lights. – [Dan] It really does! – So there’s something
going on with this material. – I think it’s right here. I think it’s all these. – I wonder if that’s
different from the rubber. Wild. – We are officially done. I’m excited to hear the song. That’s the thing I’m most excited about. But I’m looking around at
some of these instruments. And I had to see this one
named Link, after Lincoln. – So this is a pedal steel guitar. It’s definitely something that catches a lot of people’s eyes. ‘Cause it’s not a super
popular instrument. But it’s got all these strings. And you play it with this metal bar. – [Lincoln] What? (pedal steel guitar plays) – It lets you slide around on these notes. In addition to that you gotta
be controlling the volume with this pedal here. And then you’re using these
pedals on your other foot. And these levers that
you hit with your knee. – [Dan] Wait what? No. – And these also bend some of
the strings different amounts. – [Dan] This just feels
like torture to me. Make music out of the most
difficult thing in the world. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Look at that. And it’s made in Canada,
there’s the maple leaf. And a beaver. – That’s actually our national animal. – [Dan] Canada. Cool. – [Lincoln] Agh! Ugh! – [Dan] And that’s how
you kick, right there. Drums, we’ve got guitars over here. A Ronan. The coolest piano ever that
looks like you stole it from a Coldplay stage. – We got that for free from
a neighbor who was just like, “It’s been in my garage for 50 years. “I’m clearly never gonna fix it up so…” (piano music) – [Dan] Nice! – A little bit of Coldplay for you. – [Dan] And a fun side note. Every one of our videos you
probably see ’em hanging down. We have this exact same
light in our dining room. High five since you do it in your videos. – Great shooting with you guys. – Nice to meet you. And now Lincoln’s hungry
so let’s go get some food. – Pizza. – It’s a beautiful day out now. And it’s not raining anymore,
I’m super happy about that. Is this recording? Yes it is. (“Rainbow Road”) – And we’re back. Game is over. So much darker, quieter in here. Except for these guys
going around in circles. Kind of strange that
there’s this giant stadium. And it’s just quiet. And there’s nobody in there. Hoo! Did you hear the echo! Come try it Lincoln. – Hello is anyone out there? (voice echoes) – [Dan] Looks like somebody
through nachos or tortilla. (Lincoln shouts) (voice echoes) – Can you hear me? (voice echoes) – [Dan] I see security over there. – [Lincoln] Hi! – [Dan] There’s a dude sitting there in the press box on his phone. – [Lincoln] Can anyone really hear me? I really wanna know! – [Dan] So this must be what
the hotel rooms look like on the other side of it, right there. – [Lincoln] Hello? – [Dan] There’s two dudes right there. Wonder if they know our YouTube channel. He’s looking at us. – Hi! Hi! (Dan laughs) I see you! – [Dan] Those kids are too busy watching “What’s Inside” videos. (another boys’ voice echoes) – [Lincoln] Hi! – [Other Boy] Whackaka! – Raww! – [Other Boy] Eek! – [Lincoln] Ahh! – [Other Boy] Cuckoo! – Awcoo! – Hey they’re communicating! – I would like to give a shout out. To this company right here. Dairy Queen. They decided to sponsor
the home run fence. And so because of that. I’m going to go find a Dairy Queen. Aha! Found it. (“Rainbow Road”) Pick one! Kinda dripping. – Thanks. – You’re welcome. Thanks Dairy Queen for the blizzard. This is what it looks like at nighttime. (voices echoing) Oh the lights are going on! That was cool. – Rainy today but beautiful yesterday. – [Dan] You like it here? – Yeah, I do. – [Dan] Perfect, any words of wisdom for everybody at the end of this video? – Play more Zelda. – [Dan] See you tomorrow. There’s a dog roaming the halls. Looks like a wolf. Do you think it belongs here? – No. – [Dan] Doesn’t seem like
a dog-friendly hotel.


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