BASEBALL: EKU Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] The first home weekend of
the 2018 season as Virginia welcomes in Eastern Kentucky
for the first-ever match-up between these two programs
on the baseball diamond. [INAUDIBLE] have the first. Ground ball back to the mound. Could be two to
get him out of it, but he sails the throw
into center field. So Oschenbein yanks it
away from the shortstop. Run comes home to score. He is squaring, pushes it
out in front of the plate. Caleb Knight quickly
to it, fires to second. Low throw, not in time. Skips away from Richardson
into center field. The game is tied, as
Harris comes home to score. One, two is lined
back up the middle. And that is going to be
knocked down by Richardson, but the run is going
to come home to score. So a RBI single for McFarland
makes it 2-1 Eastern Kentucky. 2-0 is lined towards
left center field. That is in for a base
hit for McCarthy. Cody around third. He is going to
come home to score. Morris stops at
second, and we are all tied at 2 as Jake
McCarthy comes up for the big two-out RBI
single the opposite way. Pitch from Lynch lifted out
towards left center field, and well tagged. Cody going back east
of the warning track, and he turns and looks. That ball is gone
for a two-run homer. Two balls, one strike, two
out, runners at the corners for McCarthy. Swings and grounds one
past the dive at base and into right field. A base hit. Virginia has tied up the game. McCarthy breaking for second,
and he is in there safely. 3-1 pitch, swinging at a line
drive, back up the middle, a base hit. Home from third to score
is Novak, right behind him McCarthy and Alex Tappen
with a huge base hit to put Virginia in front. Pitch bounced in and popped
up and got the batter. Run is going to come home
and score from third. A ball, two strikes. Look back to second
from [INAUDIBLE] where Botsoe has his lead. Pitch is swung on,
and line past Eikhoff, down the right field
line, a fair ball. Around third and coming
in to score is Botsoe. And Eastern Kentucky
has regained the lead. Caleb Knight bunt, first base
side and a beauty Eikhoff. Four goes down to first,
and it got away from him. Low, and the bases are loaded. 1-2, swing at a ground ball
toward short, over to play. It is the shortstop, and
Kerr’s throw to first is in time for out number three. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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