BASEBALL: Duke Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Three earned runs, a
walk, and a strike-out. Lead ground ball past the mound. [INAUDIBLE] behind
the second base back. Steps on second for 1. Throws high to first. Hits it up against the camera
well, goes into the well, and a run’s going to score. Left-hander ready. Check of second base. And 2-2. Outside corner breaking
ball called strike 3. Labosky didn’t think so, but
the Blue Devils are retired here in the first inning. Lynch is ready. 0 and 2. [INAUDIBLE] no go. Taylor takes outside. Throw to second base in time. And the inning is over. 2 out. Comer lifts one out
toward right center. Fairly well hit. Conine and Taylor,
splits them 2, hits up against the
base of the wall. Tap into third. Being waved at the plate. Taylor’s relay throw is cut off. It’s an RBI double
for Cameron Comer. His first RBI of the year. And Virginia leads 2-0
here in the fourth. Pitch number 73 for Lynch. A swing and a miss,
his fifth strikeout. And there were 2 out here in
the Blue Devil fifth inning. Day ready, and delivers. Ortiz bunts. Third-base side. It’s a good one. Day bare hands and throws
down the right-field line. Comer is going to
come in to score, as the ball ricochets
into right field. And there’s a runner at second. Nobody out, as the
Cavaliers lead 3-0. Taylor swings and grounds
one to third, down to a knee. Novak has it, goes side-arm to
second, and the inning is over. 1 and 2. Left-hander from the stretch. The pitch. Strike 3. Call it outside corner. Throws it on the
side every time. Left-hander ready,
and fires home. Swinging a bouncy
ball, right side. Diving-stop by Eikhoff He
will feed the pitcher cover. And that’s the ball game. Virginia has evened up
this week in series, as they shut the Blue Devils out
for the first time this season. Final score, Virginia 3, Duke 0.

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