BASEBALL: Duke Game 1

Charlottesville, Virginia. The site– Davenport
field at Disharoon Park as Virginia and Duke, a
day later than originally anticipated. Cut and a miss from Cheek. A little tapper, going to
be a tough play for Gelof. On to first just in time. It’s certainly something to
think about for a head coach. This one lifted out
towards left center field. How about some two strike
hitting for Tanner Morris? Gelof is on the move. They’re going to go
ahead and wave him home. He comes back. Can he cutoff man? No relay. And Virgina strikes first on the
RBI double for Tanner Morris. Wave and a miss. There’s another good
slider from Noel Murdock. Swing and a miss from Taylor. 93 on the gun, and he blew it
by him for back to back K’s. Swing and a line drive. Base hit to left field. Home for third Kent. Right behind him, Gelof. He’ll come in to score. Two more home for the ‘Hoos. Cam Simmons his
second hit of the day. RBI single. Here’s one down the
line for Tappen. That’s going to bring
home another run. Rivoli’s going to
come in to score. 5 to 1 ‘Hoos as Alex Tappen
comes through with two outs. With the bat, it’s been
a very pleasant surprise. And he’s got himself a two
out base hit right here. He’s going to
score at least two. Simmons scores easily–
behind him, Tappen. How about Logan Michaels? That wave and a miss. Sticks with the slider, and
that is a huge second out in this inning. 1-1 to Simmons. Lifted to center,
chasing back Taylor. And he’s turning and booking. And that one’s off
the tip of this glove. Duke. See it come to a close. And this is exactly
what you called for– 4, 6, 3, and on one pitch. Indeed, Paul Kosanovich gets
Virginia out of the inning. And Kent out to
right center field, a long run for both
Cheek and Taylor. And that ball is down. And it’s going to get the
‘Hoos to double digits. Home to score is a Eikhoff. Kent wants three, and
he’s there standing up. And this one hit out
to Kent at second base. Good read. Tough hop but makes the play. He’s been impressive
today as has Virginia, really,
in all three facets, as they lock down the
series opening win. Cavaliers 11, Blue Devils
3, our final in game one.

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