Baseball Drills – Core Strength for Hitting and Throwing Using Kinetic Bands

Speaker 1: One of the most important aspects
of baseball is core strength. Everything you do, hitting, throwing, all involves the trunk.
So it’s really important we learn how to strengthen our core, our obliques, abs and lower back.
We’re going to go through a couple of exercises here and show you how to get it done. This
first exercise is going to be a side bridge. When he bridges up here, go ahead and come
on up, he’s got a flat torso all the way down. His hips are forward and he’s not back. The
key to this is to make sure that you rock your hips forward. He’s in a straight line
here, if he rocks his hips back this is not what we want. Perfect straight line, hold
the bridge, 15-20 seconds, see if you can work up to a minute.
The pointer is a great exercise for your low back, obliques and your stabilizers all through
your core. It’s important that when you bridge up you got a nice flat back. It’s a good place
to start get your hands right in the pushup position underneath you and your legs just
like this, nice four point stance. Why don’t we go ahead and go started. You’re going to
go opposite arm, opposite leg and you’re going to come up and get a three second hold and
then go on back down. Do about 8-10 on each side. It’s important that you get to this
flat position. He’s going to hold that three seconds at the top, so go ahead and get there.
He’s driving his heel to the wall, he’s a straight line all the way down. Opposite arm,
opposite leg, he’s squeezing through his core. I can hit him and he’s tight all the way around
here, that’s how you need to be. Next core exercise is going to be a modified
iron cross. We’re going to use the bands, we’re going to separate our legs a little
bit, fire our glutes and our hips as we work our core. So the legs are going to be straight
up. Keep them as straight as you can here and we’re going to rock them from side to
side just like an iron cross. Let’s go ahead and go to the left. Notice his legs are straight.
We want to work the IT bands, we want to work the glutes a little bit. We want to start
firing the hips, go ahead and roll onto the other side. Notice his hands are flat even
with his shoulders here. He’s supporting his core and all the pressure is in his obliques,
his low back and the bands are firing his hips, glutes and IT bands. Great exercise,
multi joint movement, going to get a lot of stabilizer muscles going here. Good.

5 thoughts on “Baseball Drills – Core Strength for Hitting and Throwing Using Kinetic Bands

  1. Any overall strength program is good. Weights with power yoga and static bodyweight exercises are good.

    But for hitting power I prefer taking an ax to a dead tree or a sledgehammer to a tractor tire.

    Also, it's all in the hips.

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