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Hey, I’m Juan Luis and today I’m gonna talk about a hot topic which one is this? baseball we’re in the season when in the Dominican Republic people only talk about baseball all the other topics are ignored you see people in the corner stores watching the game around here you don’t talk about any other topic oh, but there’s a topic people still mention Percival Matos (google it if you wanna know) everybody knows about that one too but anyways, getting to the topic today I’m gonna talk about 5 different types of people in the DR when it comes to baseball 1. The ones who don’t watch baseball random guy: let me know and come down random girl: no, I’ll hit you up random guy: okay random girl: so you wait for me there that’s where I fit I don’t watch the game but…
*pineapple seller yelling* 1. people who don’t watch the game *again, since I got interrupted twice* I think those are the ones who have it harder during this season because since you don’t watch baseball you don’t care about anything related to it but since everyone does watch it everybody’s talking about that so wherever you start a conversation the first thing to come out is baseball (after me… jkjk) and you’re up in the air example dude, did you watch the game last night? no, man. I don’t watch baseball Águilas (Dominican team) won ohhhh… good dude, did you watch the game last night? I was watching The Walking Dead, bro really? are you a foreign? watching foreign shows… watch the game! 2. The sore losers yesterday, Licey and Águilas played, right? Águilas won but Licey is there anyway “no, Águilas are this and that” “we let them win so they settle down for a while” “but we’re the ones who’re gonna win” what’s happening to Licey lately? what are you talkng about Licey? Águilas haven’t won a season in 8 years there’s also 3. The bettors God only knows if they care about baseball but if they feel like a team is gonna win, they bet on them how much you wanna bet Licey is gonna win today? are you insane? Águilas are the ones who are gonna win it’s Licey who’s gonna win haven’t you seen how Águilas have been doing this season? they’re the ones that are gonna win, bro I bet you a thousand pesos that Licey is gonna win okay fine, bet 4. The pirates the people who have it best during this season because they, no matter what team wins, they’re part of them if Águilas play with Licey or Escogido and Escogido won, for example you never heard them talk about Escogido before that night, Escogido won, they’re part of that team, and they’re there supporting did you watch the game last night? … they brought the house down of course they did, isn’t that the team I support after all? dude, I’ve never heard you talk about being part of them before seriously? I’m always talking about it, I even have a red cap of the team at home Sure… 5. The hardcore fans I know a lot of those mom: especially Elpidio did you see? Licey lost last night yeah but Águilas haven’t won in 8 seasons so you can’t come here talking about how Licey lost last night and blah blah blha girl, did you watch la novela yesterday? nope, who’s gonna watch anything with dad at home? he doesn’t even let us touch the remote well, girl. buy your own TV because you missed la novela… stop torturing me please it was so interesting that’s it. that’s how things are when it comes to baseball in the Dominican Republic there’s a truck outside, I don’t know if they’ll let me finish but let’s get into this I hope you liked the video if so, give it a thumbs up if you have any opinion or recommendation, you can leave it down in the comments and if you liked it more than I thought, share it until the next one Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slow sloooooow… SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW… YAYYYYYY!!!!! until the next one! (again (——: )

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