Baseball Defeats Niagara in Game 1 of Series

It’s a big win. To come out the way that we did and not really have a good first couple
innings miss bottom five and then we got a couple of runs but they give them
right back, I think it’s one of those things that shows who we
are as a team. We’re pretty resilient. It was a weird game. We
started off down 5-0 right after two innings. The energy
was low and we knew we had to pick it up in this conference game. All these
are really important. Roper actually have always good in the dugout and we kind of
fed off that and got going. The next thing you know a couple runs here, a
couple runs there, seven six ball game Then, I got up in the plate in the
seventh inning, two guys on and got a pitch to drive. So. it kind of worked out
for us. Coaches talk about a lot recently. We kind of come out dead
sometimes and we talk about that as a focus point in practice this week.
Unfortunately, kind of reared its ugly head again today. But now we know that
and we were able to come back from it today. We just we just haven’t, in the
last couple games, come out with enough fire and focus. That’s
something that we’re gonna look to change moving forward because once we
get going, we’re pretty good.

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