BASEBALL: Davidson Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Wrapping up a 10-game
homestand, and facing off and welcome again an opponent
from the 2017 Super Regionals. It is the Davidson Wildcats
here in Charlottesville. Now the 0-1. Breaking ball hit toward short. One hop. Picks off the chest of Morris. And the run’s going
to come home to score. Across the plate is Johnson. And Davidson will strike first. Now the 1-2. Breaking ball,
swung on and missed. He got him on strikes. And Nicholson will strand
a couple of base runners. But an unearned
run at the inning. Tanner Morris, who
has essentially taken over the everyday role. Chops one right side. And over to play it is Acosta,
and he throws it away back towards the backstop. Coming home to score
is Caleb Knight. And Virginia grabs a 2-1 lead. 3-2. There he goes. Down and in. That’s ball 4. Big deflection back
to the catcher, but the throw to the
pitcher covering sails wide. Hope he gets the job
done by Tanner Morris. Cody pops one up. Shallow right field. Will it be deep enough? Mardiney coming in. He’ll make the catch. Eikhoff, he’s coming from third. Here is the throw. It comes through. And it’s not in time. Jones tag is late. And Virginia’s got a 5-1 lead. But what will be Virginia’s
sixth run of the day? He does drill one
to right field. That ball is well-tagged. Going back on it is Mardiney. And that ball is into the
bullpen in a first career home run for Tanner Morris. Forget about driving in the
1 run, he’s got a 2-run homer and makes it 7-1, Hoos. New Jersey native licks 1 to
left field towards the corner. Lebek is back. And that ball is gone. 2 home runs in the
inning for Virginia, both from first-year players. And the Hoos have
broken it wide open. McGarry does go with the
breaking ball here, a fastball. 2-2. Did go breaking ball, and gets
a cut and a miss from Lebek. That is out number 2. 1-2. Called. Strike 3. Backdoor breaking ball,
and a beauty from McGarry. A couple of strikeouts
in the inning, and he’s able to strand
the bases loaded. The 0-1 from Bloomberg. Grounded right sided and
through for another base hit. Home from third is McCarthy. That will make it
11-1, Virginia. With Fordham in town, grounder
left side cut off by Eikhoff. Back to his feet. And in time for the out. What a play from
Nate Eikhoff, moving from first over to
third base this inning, and immediately, with
a gem defensively. And we’ll see if Blake Rohm
can’t finish the job now. 2-2 to Nussbaum. Swing, and a miss. Strike 3. So Rohm shuts the door. And the Cavaliers
have win number 9 in the season in the posts. With ACC play
looming this weekend, 12 runs and 15 hits for
the Cavalier offense today. And a great start from Bobby
Nicholson to get the win. Virginia now 9 and 4 in 2018.

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