BASEBALL – Coastal Carolina Highlights

Looking to complete
a tournament sweep. And in the month of
February, the settings don’t get much more
picture perfect than this. Live from Conway,
South Carolina, the Virginia baseball team looks
to take down Coastal Carolina and improve to 3-0 to
start the 2016 season. He shows bunt, drags
it third base side. A great one. Picked up off the hop by the
third baseman as Remillard throws onto first but is
sacrificed for Clement. A big run producer. He smacks it right side of the
infield and through for a base hit. They’re going to
wave around Haseley. Adam comes towards the plate. The throw is cut
off, and Matt Dice drives home the opening rather. 1-0 Virginia. Get them on, get them
over, and get them in. Matt Dice with his
second RBI this season. It’s 1-0 Hoos. Played in all 60
games last year. Swings and lifts it
out towards left field. That’ll chase McCarthy back,
going back towards the wall. He looks up, and that ball
is into the Coastal Carolina bullpen for a two-run homer. GK Young with his first
home run of the season after hitting nine
of them a season ago. That ball got out o f here
in a hurry, a two-run shot the opposite way. The 1-2 pitch– swing
and a miss, strike three. Got him on a slider
diving down and away. Doyle has got his
first strikeout. And over the head with the
windup, the pitch is waved at and missed. Took a little off and
veered out in front of it for strike three. Doyle’s got his second
strikeout of the afternoon. Against the left-handed
hitter, Doyle deals. Bunt dropped down in front of
the mound, picked up by Doyle. Tommy steps, fires to
first, and Pavin Smith has to get the glove back
out of the way quickly. The 2-2 pitch now from
Doyle– called strike three. Drops in a slider
to freeze Remillard, and Tommy has his fifth
strikeout of the afternoon. Those are the ones that
come to mind immediately. 3-2 pitch is swung
on and missed, fastball right by
the leftie, Owings. And that is three consecutive
K’s for Tommy Doyle. Now Tyler Chadwick. Pitch is swung on, lifted out
towards left field and deep. That chases McCarthy back
to the warning track. Up against the wall, a little
leap, and he makes the catch. Hitters count for Haseley. Swings and lifts it out
towards deep left center field. That chases back Marks
towards the wall. He looks up, and
that ball is gone. Opposite field two-run
shot for Adam Haseley to give Virginia the lead,
right back up onto the boardwalk beyond that left field wall. And Haseley touches them
all for his first home run of the season. Andrew Beckwit. First pitch grounded
toward the shortstop. It’ll be backhanded
in the hole by Paez. Long throw to first,
pulls the man off the bag. The tag is not in time. Pinero is safe, and
Virginia scores another run. Clement home from third base. It’s 4-2 Hoos. The 0-1– down and in,
scooped up by Thaiss, snap throw down to first. They’ve got the
runner picked off, and he’s out, as Thaiss fires
a strike to Pavin Smith. And the number announced, 3,136. Pitch is hit on the ground,
right side, tough play. Rolls over the bag, fair ball. Pavin Smith flips to Doyle, at
first base in time for the out. Runners at second and
third with one out. Doherty sets, the leftie deals. Called strike three. Drops a slider to breeze the
pinch hitter Woodall Junior, and that is a giant out
number two here the seventh. And Kevin deals. Swing, and a little looper
out towards short left field. That’s going to dunk in for
a base hit, and we are tied. Couple of runs score. Just a little [INAUDIBLE]
off the bat of Michael Paez, but he muscles it into the
outfield for a two-RBI single. The pitch– swing and
a miss, strike three. 93 mile an hour heat blows
it right by Remillard. It will be a payoff pitch.
[INAUDIBLE] grounded sharply towards third. Past the third baseman,
they wave the runner around. McCarty [INAUDIBLE] left,
fires toward the plate. Throw is cut off. Relay not in Time And Coastal
Carolina has taken a 5-4 lead. The largest crowd in the history
of this ballpark making noise. The pitch tapped toward short. Going to be a tough play. Third baseman cuts it off. Can’t control it. And everybody is safe. Stuck in the glove of the
third baseman, Remillard. There are runners
at the corners. Now the 2-1 pitch. Thaiss swings, [INAUDIBLE]
back up the middle. This could be two
and could end it. They’ll flip to second for one. Back on to first. It’s in time. And Coastal has won it. Here on the night, they get
exactly what they needed. The double play goes
four to six to three. And that’ll do it.

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