Baseball Coaches, Managers, & Umpires : What are Baseball Coaches, Managers, & Umpires?

BEN GRAHAM: And now we’re going to take a
look at the non-player characters. Now, these are the players who are important to the game
of baseball but they’re not actually on the field. These are your umpires of various kinds,
your coaches, your front-office personnel, your training staff, those types of folks.
The folks who are not the ones who are throwing, catching or hitting the ball or running the
bases, but the guys who are nonetheless very important to the success of the game of baseball,
especially organized baseball. It’s very difficult to play a game of baseball if you don’t have
umpires, if you don’t have a general manager putting your team together, if you don’t have
a coach creating a line-up card and you don’t have your base coaches telling people to advance
or to hold or calling your various signals. If you don’t have trainers keeping you healthy,
your season is not going to be very long. So all of these people, while they may not
be seen on the field everyday or they may be behind a mask or they may not be a person
you particularly like because you think they’re blind, they’re still very important to playing
the game of baseball, and we’re going to take a look at them in this segment.

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