Baseball Coaches, Managers, & Umpires : General Manager of a Baseball Team

BEN GRAHAM: The general manager or the GM,
he is responsible for player contract negotiations, talent evaluations, managing the minor league
farm system, making sure that the right people are called up at the right time to play in
the show. The general manager is the guy that has the one-on-one negotiations with the player
agents into determining who’s going to be allowed to go to free agency, what free agents
they’re going to be allowed to bring in, what players they’re going to retain. He has to
manage the entire organization. He has to oversee the front office personnel as well
as the on-the-field staff. So he’s got a lot of responsibilities and a very important job.
You don’t necessarily see him actively in the game. Though in our modern incarnation
of baseball especially with free agency as prominent as it is, we see and hear more about
the general manager than we once did. Brian Cashman for the New York Yankees, Theo Epstein
for the Boston Red Sox, John Schuerholz for the Atlanta Braves, who recently retired from
that role, these are synonymous with the game of baseball. If you say their names, most
baseball fans know who they are, just as easily as Rogers Clemens or Manny Ramirez or Chipper
Jones. The GM, again, determines everything about the team. He puts the team in a singular
direction on every level from the front office staff to the on-field staff and the talent
evaluation staff. So he’s got a very important job, primarily, fielding the right team to
get the team where it needs to be.

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