BASEBALL: Clemson Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] A picture-perfect Saturday
for game two between Virginia and 10th-ranked Clemson. [MUSIC PLAYING] Both sides down the stretch. First pitch swing
at Logan Davidson. He gets this game
under way with a bang. 1-0 Tigers on the lead off. First pitch home run
for Logan Davidson. Now the 0-2 pitch to Seth Beer. Called strike three,
[? freezes him, ?] and there is one away
here in the top half of the first inning. 2-1 down to Weber. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Lifted to left, this will
chase back Wharton a bit to the track. Still going back, and he’s just
got room to make the catch. That ball had some carry to
it, certainly plenty deep to get home Morris from third. We are tied at 1 of the
sacrifice fly from Andy Weber. [CRACK OF THE BAT] And a base hit to put
the Tigers back in front. Home from third is Hall. And Davidson does it again. Runner goes. Go down a second from
Comer’s right on the money. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] With a strike down to second. This one is driven deep to left. Cody just turns, and watches
this one sail on out of here. Clears the left field bleachers. And Chris Williams
moves right back into a tie for the team
lead with Seth beer for William’s number
12 on the season. [CRACK OF THE BAT] I called to right. Should be deep enough. Weber tag and coming home. Strong throw from Beer,
but is up the line. Cavaliers back within one. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] And I believe he’s going
to have number six. [INAUDIBLE] top play to the
third baseman, and the ball gets away. Home to score is Novak. And Morris is going to
hold up at third base. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] Driven to right, back on it
goes Beer to the warning track. And he’s got room
to make the catch. Morris will tag and
score from third base. And Virginia back within one as
Andy Weber has his second run batted in in today’s game. Down to their final out, and
Rivoli shots at right side. Williams way off the
back flips to Gilliam. Taps the base, and Clemson
has taken the series. Ryley Gilliam locks down his
second save in as many days. And the Tigers take another
nitty-gritty one-run game here in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our final again, the
Tigers, 5 and the Wahoos, 4. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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