Baseball Buddies The Movie…

Ray people will come Ray The one constant through all the years
Ray, has been baseball America is ruled by like an Army of steamrollers
It’s been erased like a blackboard Rebuilt and erased again… But Baseball has marked the time This field, This game is a part of our
past Ray… It reminds us all that once
was good And it could be again Ohhh, People will come Ray
People will most definitely come… [Music] Baseball, America’s pastime sport.
A game kids grow up and fantasize about. Making it to the big league In the Tampa Bay area there is such a
place for those who didn’t make it to the big league. But don’t want to
give up the game. [Music] This league is known as
the men’s adult baseball league. A league where a group of guys with a love of
that sport came together and formed a team that built champions, friends,
relationships and that’s special something. [Music] This team was known as The Tampa Tides The Tides were started by Steve Maynard
also known as Upper, Tap-Tap or My Bad Well I mean we didn’t start out as
the Tampa Tides We started out as the Tampa Reds in ’96 I think He first managed a team known as the Reds
that played in the Tampa League in the late 1990s You can learn a lot about things and people
if you know their origin Well again I’m gonna go back to the
beginning and this is before we were the Tampa Tides… I just moved to Tampa and
I was watching TV and I was scrolling through channels I saw a public access
channel and it said tryouts for a adult men’s baseball league and I ran and got
a pen real quick and I wrote down the number and called the city of Tampa to
talk to a guy named Jim and he said tryouts are this Saturday whatever
day it was Not long after that, Upper started building
a team of like-minded characters with talent
and skills but who also had a passion for the game [Music] Some would even believe, that once they
joined the team the essence of the Tampa Tides was really formed. 20 years ago I was 30 years old and I became
a Tide by just going to a tryout When I moved to Tampa, I was looking for a
team I’ve been playing baseball in Miami since
I was you know got out of high school basically and moved to Tampa was
looking for a team to join up with I ended up going to a Sports Authority and
asking the guys if knew any leagues that were in the area and he gave me the
Clearwater excuse me the Tampa League and that’s where I met up with a couple
of guys on the Tides I met Upper management at work one day and
he said he played on a baseball team it’s 1997 and I was playing softball at
the time and he said he had a baseball team. So in 1997 Steve recruited me to
play baseball and I vaguely remember what I said man
I’m good I’m damn good 1997 So to become a Tampa Tide I was I was playing
on another team I had actually just had shoulder surgery
and I was probably maybe two months from shoulder surgery
and I thought dang man why aren’t I pitching today and so the team I was playing on you know wasn’t able
to pitch a lot and to be honest with you I probably couldn’t
throw a ball through a screened-in door at that point but so I got mad one game
like I’m sick of sitting on the bench just batting
every once in a while and I had to talk to Steve
I knew he was a Florida State guy so after one game I
the funny part is I called him up and I left a message
all mad, “hey man I want to come play with y’all because
I dont have time for this team anymore” and I hung up and
I never gave him my phone number so I wonder why I never call me back and then finally then next game he said, Hey man thanks for that message. I’d like you to
join the team but next time leave your phone number I think it was around 1995, Spike as you may
remember I played with another team before I started
playing with the Tides and that team dissolved and I called Steve
Maynard to see if there’s room for me on the team
and was pleased to start playing with the Tides then. I became a Tampa Tide in 1998 after Steve
Maynard called me up after he found out that I quit
the league because I didn’t want to run a team anymore I’d say between 2000 and probably 2005 I started
out the Tides I had 10 come on play softball with
me to see if I could be on the team and he asked if I would
play right field Whoo Whoo!!! I came a Tide around 2005, 2006 I was playing
on another team, met Steve Maynard and he brought me on board Think I became a member of the Tides it had
to be in the late 1990s I’m thinking when I first moved over here
at I played around in some leagues I got a call from Steve “Tap Tap”
Maynard and he called about the team so I joined the team I’m gonna have to say in the
late 1990s maybe the early 2000 I became a member of the Tampa Tides
probably about 2001 – 2002 coming from New York landing in Florida became a Tampa Tide Becoming at a Tide really an interesting concept
The manager of the Tide was the catcher for the Tides and I think everybody always says
that hindsight is 20/20, but I think you get a good vision of watching long balls being
hit against your pitchers from that catcher’s position
and it was after that season that the manager was looking to make some changes to get them
over the hump and I was one of the trades in that acquisition What’s up fellas my name is Ryan Nowlin
Cleanup hitter for the Tides, I’m here to rock your world As soon as the word got out that I was a free
agent I was recruited by everyone Steve Maynard
and Rob Worrez called at the same time, I put Steve Maynard on. But after playing against the Tides and knowing
some of the guys from the team I decided this could be fun
I could help this team we could hang out after you know I joined
this team for one reason and one reason only that’s
to Win, Drink and Win! CUT [Music] Most people knew the core members of the Tides
but through the years there were many guys with that same particular “A typical distinguished flair” for which putting on that Tampa Tides uniform felt as
natural and connected as their love for the game [Music] Now Batting for the American league, from the New York Yankees
The ShortStop, Number 2, Derek Jeter, Number 2 [Spike] What is your most worn number?
Number 11. Also sometimes 16 and number 1 but manly 11 My most worn number probably number 51 because
I went by the name of Easy Ro and that was his number so everybody called me that. No. 51 The only number I’ve ever worn as a Tides
was number 24 That’s a number I carried over from Miami
to The only number I wore with the Tides was
38. That was my college number and that’s the only one I wore with the Tides I’ve always worn number 16. It’s always been number 16 [Spike] Dude, It’s a documentary, you have to talk. You want me to just relax, get it done, let’s go. Hey, shut the door,
let’s get it done [Spike] What is the most worn number? I’ve always worn number 16, 1 – 6 that’s
my number The number I wear the most is not important on the outside even though it’s said number 3 Rest In Peace
Dale Murphy Hall of Fame, it was actually number 1 As the number one home run hitter all-time Number one stolen bases and number one in assist oh did I mention before number one
draft pick in the expansion draft. That’s right number one Most Worn number ended up being 5
Used to be 12 at the beginning but ended up being 5
Which I still wear today… Well I always wore number 8 with the Tides
from the beginning till today. Never wore another My most worn number was 33 I wore that for most of the season until I
had another number towards the end of the
season but 33 was my most worn number, Fellows I primarily wore 66. I picked that out of Mario Lemieux hockey shit that Halden’s probably laughing out when he sees this because he always used to make fun of Mario Lemieux but yeah I wore 3 growing up playing baseball
but some dude on our team already had number 3 The number I wore the most was number 10 and
that’s due to I wore number 10 for my entire baseball career as
I started out t-ball and number 10 was special to me my dad wore
number 10 and that’s why I wore number 10 Well all since Little League, I’ve wore the number
3 and not because of anything like a Babe Ruth anything like that it’s
basically because I was a third member of my family born
I was a third child so from that on from that point on
everything has been a 3 to me. High Fly ball to Center and that ball is gone… Upton going back, Back… Homerun,
No he caught it. He took it right off the wall The throw back to first, Double Play!!! Wow!!! Says Jeter… [Spike] What position did you play the most I played second base almost the entire tenure with the Tides What position I played the most, Man I played
a lot of different positions for the Tampa Tides but the one I played the most I finished
my career with the Tampa Tides was a shortstop The position I played the most was right-field. Played a couple times left field but most of the time
was right [Spike] What position did you mostly?
Left field, also played right field, Also backed up Boo at center field,
Anywhere Spike wasn’t… I am a pitcher.
[Spike] Dude, you played a lot of positions You played third, you caught… You said primary. [Spike] It’s a Documentary,
you gotta talk… Alright you want me to just
relax and get it done let’s go
hey shut the door shut the door let’s get it done all right I am primarily a pitcher but I did
play a lot of third base and first base The position I played the most was center
field for most of the league most of my years at the Tampa Tide.
Then I shot to left field, which was the samething cuz
you know like I said I’m fast You know, I was really a pitcher only
I think there were a few times I might have played in outfield position because we were
short of players or something like that but by far the the primary
position I played was pitcher I played third base for the Tide
I was brought on the team to play third base. And then ended up moving around the
infield The position I played 95% of the time was
catcher I always play catcher Primary position I played was pitching
and the infield. So pitching, infield I was good
Just everybody knows don’t put me in the outfield and when I’m playing
the infield if somebody hits a pop-up like it was funny because I used to get
this like vertigo sometimes well like all the time so even when I was playing
the infield to be a pop-up and I would clear out and everybody would run over
and try and catch it because I knew I couldn’t catch it so don’t put me in the outfield huh what position I played the most well, I
am the “Franchise” so I play every position, but if I had to
go down in the Hall of Fame record books, I would probably say a pitcher
or the infielder or as an outfielder so basically I played all the fields positions
because in one game I played all nine positions I think I’m one of the
only few people in the baseball league Men’s Baseball division that’s played every
position once. I started one inning of the catcher then moved
to third short around the horn ended up in left center right
and then the last inning I pitch so I am “The Franchise” The position I played the most for the Tampa
Tides would’ve been Centerfield I was mixed in a little in left field But
I always was in number one centerfielder I honestly could have played anywhere the
first base, third base but the one I played the most was centerfield
I could track down or anything and as the highlights tape showed like a
gazelle catching it’s prey any time of the day [Music] Let’s Go, Let’s Go,,,
Number, Boy, Brice, Baby… Even though many of the Tides played together for a number of years, many times they were referred to by their numbers or some nickname the
team members gave each other So I had a nickname that the Tides called
me and Spike made this name up. It was “H3” But to this day while I’m doing this
interview right now I still didn’t know what was H3 about and he told me that H3
was first letter of my name Javier which is not H but J, but we let that ride
and three was my number 33 and I had another name when I came to pitch, Cuz all I did was throw strikes, I had no curve ball, all I did was throw and they call me “All I Do” Cuba, Cuba, that guy’s from Puerto Rico Yeah The team called me the “Bull” and
that came about one day at the Varsity after a game
somebody started an arm wrestling contest and guys got into it and for some reason I
ended up beating a lot of people that I probably shouldn’t have
and I got that nickname [Music] I don’t think I need a nickname I think
my actions spoken themselves You can call me whatever you wanted to you
know, I liked oh my God that was far I liked “That guy’s good”, so it wasn’t a
nickname per say, I usually go by Rhino or just “Damn” that was awesome
you know either one of those four options were
good so I didn’t really go by a nickname per se but I take all that were awesome Cut Yeah they used to call me “G-Unit” and
that’s because the way I played and what they brought me on the team for… Which was mostly hitting… Fielding…that was questionable, but the
hitting was what I do… Having a name Chris Ross you think my nickname would be Kris Kross but somehow I think we actually that’s how old we are we actually started playing baseball before Kris Kross was around so I was tagged as Phillips because of the number I mentioned that I was 66 Phillips 66 that was Me Well I am “The Franchise”
But in the interest of full disclosure that nickname was given to me by me and it stuck My nickname on the Tides was Redhead or
Red and the reason that came about was when I basically tried out for the team no one could pronounce my name so I don’t remember who said just call him Red but uh Redhead has been the name or Red been my nickname for the Tides as long as I played my nickname was “C-Dogg” C-Dogg has always been my nickname on the team The nickname the Tides gave me was Easy
Because when stuff get out of hand, I was say “Easy”
I dont know how they picked that up, But at least I didnt get the name Oppie Eric Slim Cooper, Also Slim Shady,
Also “Better Than Spike”… It’s kind of a funny story about my nickname this going back to before texting was uh was a big thing We were doing an email battle about some probably something stupid decision that needed to be made about it a jersey or something like that and after reading it 1,500 emails about it, I said I want to make as the coach of the Tides and I was always the coach of the Tides, I said I want to make an executive decision this is the way we’re going to do it and I signed my email Upper Management. It was just something I made up on the spot and the name Upper stuck with me until today You asked me about the moniker saying k-k-k-k, again that goes back to before I played with the Tides when I was playing for the Giants we were I was pitching against the Tides in a game here in Tampa, Spike Slater was in the lineup that day I think we need up playing 10 or 11 innings but I remember I think I struck you out either two or three times or excuse me three or four times which is the K obviously is the scorebook symbol for a strikeout so that’s when I started calling you Spike K-K-K-K, but the thing always like to add that story is a matter of fairness is you also hit I think it was a grand slam home run out of the ballpark to win that game so just goes to show you that you were resilient [Music] The personality of the players and not just their talents was one of the unique ingredients that made the Tides the league favorite. [Music] The original team started out playing in Tampa on fields such as Doc Nance [Music] AT Rawlings, and
in other fields in the area. Through a distant connection with the then New York Mets minor-league affiliated team but Norfolk Tides the team adopted the name Tampa Tides. Before I started playing with the team it was known as the Reds if I recall correctly the first season I played with the team is actually called the Brewers a lot of people weren’t real happy with that name so we were talking about it one night and I mentioned to some of the guys that the Norfolk Tides which at the time we’re the triple-a affiliate of the New York Mets up in Norfolk Virginia the Tides owner actually lives here in Tampa and suggested the name Tide guys liked it one of the nice things at the time was because we had the relationship with the owner they sold us some caps and other things basically at their cost so that’s how the name Tides came about [Music] The team later moved across the bay to the Clearwater league. One major selling point in joining the Clearwater league were the fields TAC field was the league’s home base consisting of two manicured fields, clean fan area and plenty of parking [Music] The team also played at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium and the Phillies spring training facility until 2003 [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Jack Russell has a Hall of Fame wall of the major leaguers who played there TAC field also has a Hall of Fame wall and the Tides are well represented
2008 Steve Maynard 2009 Halden Red Eckhart [Music] 2010 Tyrone Sheldon and in
2011 Ryan Nowlin [Music] But there is one name some feel is missing from the Hall, but that’s for another day Unbelievable, They are on their feet, stomping , clapping Come on join in where ever you are Slobby Dobby… The Tides fan base was few, but they were True, they could often be seen at the field or in the stands rooting the team on but mostly there for the after-party just like the players on the team Our Tampa Fan base, let me talk about the fan base we had. We had an awesome fan base our fan base hmm it was fierce with sparse but it was loyal The Tampa Tides, fan base was a variety of girlfriends that people had mostly and and some of the wives that used to just come out along with some kids like that you know not very common on a pretty big fan base had a lot of people follow the team and a lot of friends that always came to the games. Fan base was mostly I think family would come out. We had a couple of girlfriends and stuff like that come out but there’s been a family like kids and stuff like that. We only had one or two fans, normally used to do quite a bit is bring our family I brought my daughters out there, Who were 5 and 7 time, they grew up watching baseball and 21 and 19 now, they probably have been to more baseball games, than anyone I know. Man the Tides fan base well I mean the a lot of times we come through a game especially on a Sunday a Sunday afternoon maybe maybe not if we played in the evening but a Sunday afternoon game when we played a four o’clock game our side of the field would have 50 people in the stands family friends kids obviously the other side would have maybe one or two so yeah we had a pretty big fan base The biggest fans are the Tide or the Tides themselves and nobody loved us more than we loved us. other than that, there’s a couple of family members like wives and girlfriends and guys like that so for the most part the biggest diehard fans in the Tide or the Tides and I’m pretty sure we’re still are to this day They’re great people you know they often had trouble at the turnstiles with all of our fans rolling in I think most of them were probably wives or girlfriends might recall correctly almost all of them were named Lisa and we certainly had some other fans but it was a good bunch of people. Fan base yeah yeah Heidi was our fan base for probably the first 10 years even she was like nine months pregnant I remember her passed out or sleeping in the van while we were drinking in a parking lot about 3 a.m. so our fan base consisted of a few wives and most of the neighborhood’s we play and had some vagrants and stuff that walked around so a lot of times which you know they would pass out or fall down there I feel there was our fan base I’d say the Tides fanbase was pretty dysfunctional but loving like our team a lot of our fanbase came from you know our after after game establishments whether it be Sunset Lounge, Varsity Club we’re all one big family and they all rooted for us and I’ll root for us to come in afterwards you know and put up a big bill which we usually did We had kids, we had our wives, we had people that wanted to be Tides, we had other teammates I want to be they loved us because we came to play even if we was late even if we started right at this at the minute we kicked ass, yes we did our fan base was awesome. We had some of our strongest loyal friends and was fans that would come and watch us play so the fan base we’d say it was it was strong how about that fan base I go it was strong. My name is Desiree and I’m a Tampa Tide. I became a Tampa Tides fan because my husband started playing for them in 2002 I married in, so that’s how I became a Tampa Tide. I saw them play in different fields but I think the most was the most that I enjoyed was at Tack, only because we were all there all the fans all the family and kids and it was more like a family outing versus of going to see the guys play. Tides fan base well I guess that would depend on the day we were playing but we had a pretty good fan base for being an adult baseball I can’t really recall how many people were in the stands but one thing that I do recall was a George Rubio had a girl come out one day and he was knitting him she was knitting him a quilt so we had a pretty damn good fan base uh let’s cut do it again [Music] Blow a kiss at the camera… Blow a kiss [Music] yes big family we still still a family who still go to each other’s events and functions so yeah we definitely became a family The Tides were definitely a family, I’m still friends with probably 80% of the guys we played with along with others that I communicate with we’re all still really good friends we hang out, we communicate all the time a really good friendship bonded back in 2000, it was a myself Spike, Henry Diaz and Steve Maynard I don’t know how we didn’t get divorced that by 2005 Absolutely Tampa Tides, man we grew up you know just hanging out with each other it spent so much time with each other we actually got in trouble with our with our families we like to hang out so much with each other but I mean anything you needed every every guy was there for each other Would I say the Tides were a family, Yes definitely it seems like we’re all brothers. I mean we all knew everybody we’d go with everything these parties we’d always hang out Absolutely!!! everyone that’s ever been a Tide instantly shouldn’t say instantly but when you’re in your blood you it’s more than than just a team it’s it’s family for sure. The Tides were a family man we will all we all started playing together and in the 90s most of us didn’t even have kids then now most of our kids are in college or late in high school years. Its’ like a family. I remember mostly us being a big family. Playing baseball first And we met on the baseball field And all the guys became brothers, to me, Steve, to Halden, to Spike, to Dave to my God brother Boo… We like a family No matter on the field or not, those guys took care of me. [Music] I would say the Tide you like my second family dysfunctional but yes second family I enjoyed nothing more than looking forward to our games. Mainly because of the game but always because of the after game whether it be football season out of football season it’s always with the fellas made it was always a good time look forward to every Sunday with my brothers and like I said before I joined this team from one reason. Well I’m not sure that I describe it as a family because we probably got along too well in my experience families bicker something but I tell you we really had a good bunch of teammates and a good bunch of guys, you know looking back at the time you know we had some white guys and we had some black guys and we had some Hispanics who were either Puerto Rican or Cuban and I tell you it was really just a good bunch of guys who I think enjoyed playing with each other and really respected each other and it was just a great environment to be in family yeah absolutely the Tides were like a family. Not were like a family we’re still like a family only unfortunate thing with getting old and most of us are a lot of us not still actively playing is we don’t spend as much time as we used to together but we’re still a family we’ll always be a family that was like I said we were a damn good baseball team but the best part about it was the family and the friendship that we are we still are to this day. We’ve been to weddings together funerals, everything. One of my fondest games, was my grandmother loved baseball She put me in baseball years ago. She knew myself, she knew Boo, and she got me in baseball from little league on up. Unfortunately, We she lost her battle with cancer I was down and down trodding and really stressed out about what was going on and I wasn’t going to play Boo call me and actually that talk to Spike before that game, he said you should come to play Thursday I said No my grandmother past will not feeling real well. Spike being Spike he loves you can always keep my spirits up come be here, come be with your family get your mind off for a little while, I still said I wasn’t gonna go, so Boo came to my house before the game I look if you don’t play, I don’t play. This our team, this our family, this our baseball game, we have to finish this. I still wasn’t feeling it, my grandmother passed. I played for her The Halden called me. I don’t talk on the phone alot. Halden was like, it you wanna play we’ll play, if you don’t we wont. We with you, no matter what I called Boo to come pick me up Like we always do and Boo said And Boo said if we win this game, we get ice cream. So it’s like Bugs Bunny, Casey up to bat. Next at Bat, because luckly, not luckly because, Jay Crawford was terrible at the time. I hit a triple off him. The top of the fence Giving us a little bit of a lead. He had a little bit of a cushion. The Indians has a lot of fight in them. So they started coming back The score was 7 to 5 They had bases loaded, 2 outs. Boo came to me, I’m in tears because I miss my grandmother But I wanna win this game. But my mind wasn’t focused Boo said one of us gonna make a play to win this game. They had a big right handed hitter I was playing left field, shallow Bases loaded, 2 outs, He hit a line drive down the line I sprinted for the ball Everybody knows my signature catch, sliding forward feet first I dove for the ball with my big giant pancake glove, as Spike called it and I made the catch and I caught the ball, I rolled over I held my glove to the ski to salute my grandmother That game was dedicated to her. Boo came an jumped on me Everybody went crazy, I’m in tears to this day the Guys on the team thinking I was in tears because we beat Jay Crawford Boo said, You did it for your grandmother My fondest story, playing that last game For her and beating Jay Crawford and sending him to ESPN So no matter what he says on Sports Center or ESPN, we sent him to the 4 letter network with a lost The Tides are a family. We had a lot of brotherhood and camaraderie that took us into some bad places and to some good places as someone said earlier we also went to all our funerals together we went to weddings together we even saw kids grow up together so the answer that question yes the Tides were very much like a family [Music] I would say that the Tides absolutely mean you enjoy watching baseball not only because it was a different perspective from you as a fan but because there are brothers that they were all playing my husband was out there with them and he was just them enjoying each other’s company and it just made us enjoy The Tampa Tides, like a family, Yes there was like a feeling they still are to this day like a family, they are all my brothers even even a newcomer that became a Tampa Tide. they are my brothers to this day we all play on separate teams, now but where we see each other it’s awesome hugs, Steve I want some poker nights tonight segment bring the bring it back Steve stop playing [Music] [Music] Celebrating was a thing the Tides loved to do and they would say they were very good at. A true Tide in every sense of the word was Andy Gunn known as “Books”. The real 10th man on the field and the man off the field most likely would end up like this or like this from card parties and birthday celebrations the official unofficial place to celebrate was Heidi and Steve’s old place. Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday Dear Andy Happy Birthday to You… [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Andy and sorry you got old man You were young, you’re not young anymore you look like shit, But hope you have a good time. We love ya man…see ya Hey Andy…. I’ve known you for a long time. Bro… Been a lot of Good Times, lot of Strange times… Lot of…. Butt grabbing…Lot of hugging, lot of kissing… I love you… Have a good 40th… [Music] Happy Birthday Andy??? I think I got the counts wrong… Sorry I don’t like being on camera. Happy Birthday Andy… Yo Andy, Happy 40th man. I appreciate all the shit you break around my house…ha How about that Spanish keyboard??? Andy, Happy Birthday Man. Old man My favorite Andy moment, is After a game, when I backed into his car and dented the whole front end. Happy Birthday man Andy, I didn’t know you had 3 tits man… I saw that tonight… I’m a little disappointed you never told I’ll see ya later…Happy Birthday What is this??? That’s Andy’s breakfast…ha Easy!!! Hey…Happy Birthday Andy. Nancy says Hi… Ha, ha, ha Hey, I love you man… [Music] Andy, I’ve known you for a long time now. You keep all our hit, runs and k’s You are more than just a score keeper, You are a part of our team.. It’s good to get together like this for your Birthday. Happy 40th Birthday… Ya… Ya.. Hi… Hi Sing Happy Birthday, Ready, Set Go… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday Dear Andy… Happy Birthday to you… [Applause] Hey Andy… Happy Birthday… [Applause] That should get the cops here…ha Hey… 24, come out here, Please sir… Ladies and Gentlemen We are the Tides, the Tampa Tides… We playing baseball with this guy for at least
18 – 20 years I need you to have a seat over there We’re gonna do a little presentation for you I would like to introduce… Tampa Tides featuring Spike and the Currents Come on out Guys… Featuring Spike??? [singing] How do I? Say goodbye… To What we had… The Good Times, that made us glad, made us sad… I though we had “Forever” But forevers gone away… It’s so hard, to say goodbye… To 24 I dont know… where we going… Or what, We dying… All I know, is where we been And what we’ve been through I thought we had, to see forever.. But, forever’s gone Away… It’s so hard, to say goodbye… To 24… One More Time… And I’ll take with me the memories… To Be my sunshine after the rain…. It’s so hard, to say goodbye, To 24… On the back, are some Henry sayings… [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] Thank You, ladies and gentlemen Dude… it’s 415 in the morning what the hell are you doing??? Don’t you have a baseball game in about 3 hours? We are live, from Las Vegas I haven’t slept… What day is this this is Saturday Saturday or Friday? Saturday, I hope it ain’t Saturday, I missed my baseball game Spike can you give me the email of your baseball coach so I can not send him this segment a No..ha…I gotta go… bye A couple of times the Tides took their act on the road. On a nonstop flight to Vegas Upper shouts on the plane hey y’all going to Vegas me too!!! Keypoint it was a nonstop flight to Vegas [Music] One of the Tides favorite tournaments was the Las Vegas Kickoff Classic [Music] Lots of stories, which will not be told here, came out of Vegas, but bring up the topic of Pimp Down, The sun, PF Chang clam Clam Chowder, Dolphins and Palm trees, Giving those shits away, Hurry off the field the clock is running or the bathroom attendants, to any of the Tide members and watch the grin form on his face. One of my favor there are many, but one of my favorite all time Tampa Tides and memories is out in Vegas and we went to Vegas I think six times and competed in the tournament, we actually never won the tournament, we made to the finals a couple times. We flew from Tampa to Vegas and partied for several days and played baseball for several days with it with the team of about 10 or 11 guys I think we have played five games in three days and we’re our last game and everybody was on their last left and we go into the last the last game and we are up a run, and I could not catch another inning so I went to play first base and that Tyrone Shelton’s on the mound They get a runner on first base and there’s one out but two outs away from winning the tournament and the guy comes up he’s the best player on their team I think they were from California can’t remember exactly but he’s a great ballplayer but him and Tyrone have been been gone back and forth with each other the whole game and I walked out to the man cuz I know Tyrone and I said Tyrone whatever you do don’t hit him okay we need an out, don’t put him on first base don’t give him a free base time. Ty was like okay man. So I walk back to first base and Tyrone Tyrone hits him square in the back on the first pitch of the game now you got runners at first and second next guy gets a hit we lost the tournament but and Tyrone to this day is like man that guy needed hit and again that’s one of my favorite on the field stories although it’s kind of bittersweet. There was a time that we went to Vegas we climbed into a taxi about seven of us the the taxi driver was pretty upset because there was so many of us in there we were little rambunctious but on top of that Spike was sitting in the back seat right next to me got a leg cramp and his hamstring and when he jumped up it scared the taxi driver so much he pulled over and somebody started yelling he was gonna pull out an AK and shoot us all so so we all got out of the taxi and ran around and and now it’s kind of crazy right there but there was a lot of incidents like that that we had just a great time together I’ll never forget being in Vegas at 7 o’clock in the morning drinking and getting a tap on the shoulder about hey we’ve got a game in an hour and then pulling Javi off the craps table at 730 in the morning driving. Throwing on a uniform and driving to the field only to find out that we were so drunk none of us could catch fly balls. I think we dropped, we didn’t drop we didn’t get get closer we dropped like six fly balls that day in lost that game horribly yeah I was thinking Vegas was the other spot obviously there’s got to be stories about Vegas because we actually we we worked in a little bit of baseball while we’re out there When the schedule comes out and you have the Tides at 8 o’clock game and like your cleanup hitters got Grey Goose in his hands at the craps table yeah you’re probably not gonna come out too good on the baseball part but we had a great time some of the things I remember about Vegas this and my favorite memories were for some reason they both have to do with PF Changs I’m not sure why. one of them was a dude that we watched drunk climb up on that giant PF Changs horse out front and then proceeded we all went oh shit and then we proceeded to watch him fall off of it and you know pretty much need to go to the hospital but the other PA Chang related story has to do with Javi, we’re at the craps table and he kept calling this one Asian guy PF Chang, come on PF Chang, come on PF Chang and they’re like the next roll huh be threw the dice and I think only one of them hit the table he missed the table completely and but I don’t know why I thought a PF Changs man. let me give you another memory because I know this one the guys will relate to this one. I was at the craps table. Me Halden The Baby, Spiked and we had just came from PF Changs. PF Changs is awesome in Vegas. Two stories, great food, so after the PF Changs, we went to go play craps so anybody you know gather around the table play craps. We had this roller, the roller was PF Changs, he was a Asian guy and this guy was this guy was rolling he’s rolling pretty good and I go ahead and I and I scream I love PF Chang’s, 6 anybody everybody was on 6, but he didn’t throw a 6, so but I always say I love you PA Chang I told a guy that I loved him he didn’t know what I was talking about because we had just came from PF Chang’s, but you know that was an awesome memory that number 6 they come out so it was mad at me because they say javi stop naming numbers it’s not 6. Well I thought it was so that was a great memory for us my buddy rest in peace, the Baby Bryce when he was a member of the Tides we went to Burger palace in Vegas Bryce Bryce had been drinking all day throwing probably 12 pack, at the pool going on about two hours of sleep and it was hot Bryce had the eyeglass marks on the side of his head when he took the glasses off so it was like a tattoo so Bryce said yeah I’ll be fine you know I’m ready to party let’s do this that was it 10 a.m. By the time we get to Burger palace about 800 p.m. that night Bryce is all gung-ho to go out, we sit down look at the menu it’s a restaurant in the back you know a guy just got it we walk past a guy Young Hung Su just got done cleaning up the bathroom very very happy what he had done he’s leaning on them on the bathroom stall glistening so we walked in there look at the menu I’m ready order and Bryce kind of gets a little doing this you know and then a little you know gets a little chipmunky with the cheese I said Bryce you okay? Yeah just you know he tried to cover it up like a like a pass ball, but unfortunately there were there were wickets in the glove, so it just spewed a little bit Bryce you ok to go to bathroom and he gave me, no I’m good I’m good and then before he could say anything else he’s good just came out a little more and by that time I’ve never seen Bryce for anywhere faster into the bathroom I said oh shit so I’m see a good friend, a teammate went to check up my buddy when I went close to the bathroom entrance the happy-go-lucky Asian guy that just cleaned the bathroom was cursing it seemed like in ten different languages and very high because I saw I knew Bryson’s in there and and not a good thing so I went to check on him, I got the OK from the stall every, you in between blowing chunks that he was ok and then you know I proceeded to go back to my table and eat my dinner I did not see Bryce or nor did anybody else see Bryce or I think 24 hours and so that that’s one thing ingrained in my head that it will never forget in the Tampa Tides history and lore Thank You Bryce Thank You burger palace. [Music] As the Tides did manage to take in some baseball it seems the guys always ran into one common theme in Vegas drinking and gambling. The Tides even managed to work a wedding into their time in Vegas. Javier and Desi took advantage of the trip along with some of Vegas winnings to turn the outing into a fantasy weekend by tying the knot Vegas style. So my most memorable time in Vegas was I landed in Vegas a couple of days before the tournament to play craps just with a plane ticket with no hotel no nothing I get in the craps table and not knowing nothing I play the fire bet, and I hit the fire bet The fire bet, now is a thousand to one so I put five dollars down the guy hit the fire bet for me and I won $6,000. So when I won $6,000 I called my wife here and I said sweetheart wifey, we’re gonna get married in Vegas. I was actually in the car with Tracy and when he calls me and said I won the fire bet let’s get married and I’m like what in the world? Get married. He’s like yeah buy yourself a ticket and we’re gonna get married. When are we ever gonna get the guys together at the same time and when am I gonna win the fire bet but I so let’s get hitched But I couldn’t cash the 6000 because my boy my brother’s the Tides were coming down and didn’t believe me that I won $6,000 so I had to save the chip a $5,000 chip and the $1,000 chip, so I can show them six grand and I won the day of the wedding we had a game we went together we went together yeah we played the game and I left any you left early early so you can get everything ready at the chapel he was waiting for us we actually we actually played extra innings yeah innings because we were supposed to be you guys are supposed to be there by
a certain time I think it was like six or seven and we were in there we ended up having to pay extra because you guys got there me yes but I was there already with Tracy and her family because her family was from out there and then then I saw you guys pull up you guys went to like my wedding I’m like really the day of my wedding we’re gonna do 10 inning I almost killed Tracey, but yeah I was ready and waiting for you and then you came in your baseball uniform and I’m like, you need to change, hurry up. You didn’t have time and none of the guys either they were like in their shorts, and had their socks pulled way up. I picked a Marvin for the best man and he had nothing just put a shirt on and if you look at the bottom, he had his baseball socks on. It was classic, it was awesome, my brothers were there. Tides, and we got married in Vegas… I’m Javier and I’m Desiree and we are Tampa Tides for life yes baby T baby T [music] Playing baseball, the Tides were a bunch of guys who really relished in the term, “Playing” [Music] I heard Ryan and Spike were going to race. Yeah, I’m Chris the manager… The Tides, I know the Tides. They are legends…. Ask the Packer fans… Every Sunday, Front and Center Leading the Cheer, Roll Tide… I called Boo and said Ryan and Spike gonna race outside the Varsity. Who you got? Come On, son. Or are you just talking out your ass… hey that’s Pogo, O’Brien, Rapid refill Boo say, course I got my big brother, he gonna blow Ryan doors off All right let’s ban tater tots. Me and Boo were not there So I said, Steve, please send me the text of who won the race. Just drop the hat… Don’t say a word Yall, Ready??? [Music] yeah I mean the question is whether the times a good team I mean they were they were always a good team but for about a 10-year period from 2000 to 2010, we were a great team. We almost never lost there was a night out and again this is all after a good good baseball game most of which we won but I’ll never forget sitting on the dock. I think it was call Our Place and in the influence of alcohol somebody saying I bet I could hit that boat. Someone asked what do you mean somebody grabbed a bucket of balls and we spent the next hour and a half trying to hit a try to throw a baseball at a boat that was probably 500 yards away that’s something I’ll never forget I know those stories go on. I started thinking about you know some of the older days and taking infield and one of my favorite stories that we still tell all the time has to do with an Angel and Angel we called him the first base Nazi, cause Angel would go over to first base and he would roll you some ball and whether you’re playing short, 3rd or 2nd, it might be close to you but you had to run and get it and you’re throwing better be damn sure on target when you threw it back to him because if it missed him at all he would not move and then he would just go stand at first base while the pitcher continued to warm up for the rest of the inning so I used I was be playing 3rd and he would roll the first one to me I throw it 10 feet over his head he would go stand at first and then Halden would proceed to glare at me the rest of that inning before we started cuz he was so mad he couldn’t get any throws in but that was Angel, the first base Nazi Name some stories about the Tides that I remember, Wow There’s far too many for me, for this little yoo-hoo YouTube documentary, but uh one of my favorite stories is I was playing centerfield Spikes was playing in left field and there was a ball hit between us, and I called him off and he didn’t stop and we ran into each other and lo and behold Spike was on the ground I’m still standing with the ball in my hand and he actually looked up and said did you fall? I said no. (Spike in background). “Actually I did that to make you look good” Cut!!! Last thing that I liked was when I was trying to get that ring I’m though I’m one guy that I always wanted a ring with this team, we were at the Fall Classic championship game had our Ace pitcher going Kemo, at the time and we jumped up to a four-run lead in the first inning and then of losing 17 before the only chance I had to get a ring but those are the three things that stick out the most but it was all fun man, all fun Man, there’s so many but, I guess let me go back to to one of our Vegas stories it It was after a late night early morning I should say and we play this really terrible team. We were getting our ass kicked and couldn’t hit the ball couldn’t see the ball asked Henry Diaz and then our little hero came up The Baby he hit a scorcher between first and second. Or else we would have gotten no hit and that would have been just the the downfall that the pit the armpit of my time with the Tides. If it wasn’t for The Baby then it would have been a shit show but that was probably one of my most fond moments because we always hit the ball except that day. Baby, love you, thank you, Burger Palace. I think one of the fondest memories I have is kind of a general when thinking about hanging out at the Varsity after the games over in Clearwater, we had such a good bunch of guys and a lot of them would tend to go to the Varsity after games in Clearwater and you know grab a bite to eat or have a drink or whatever but invariably it was real good times. Lot of times the conversation had nothing to do with baseball we talked about families or what was going on in our lives and that’s just a warm thing that I really remember from my time playing with the Tides. One of the memories about the Tides was probably going to the Florida State, Notre Dame game. Most of us went. We had a big party going down there we tailgated. The one thing I remember is Halden, him marching to the stadium as like a marching band, the whole way, not losing like one beat to get in there. Stayed through the whole game, Notre Dame won of course came, back to the tailgate that’s when those fun began or the madness began. Then I remember books doing the Jagermeister or the Gold Slager, tell us the who’s the Sissy now, and guzzle on down and 2 minutes later, he was out. But we still partyed that day we party till everybody left handle had to carry Books up to the room I remember yeah, somebody thought he was on the white pony. We went out after, that I think we stayed out late that night came back, Books was still out. I mean from the beginning to the end it was non-stop. I mean laughter the whole time. This is one of my best memories every on that team. The All Black Outfield was an exclusive members-only Club. We had myself Eric Slim Cooper, the best left fielder in the history of baseball and Clearwater or in parts. My Godbrother His name is Jaboo, but we call him Boo, who plays centerfield and covered probably the whole outfielders, if Steve Maynard let him. We have my big brother Spike. Spike k-K-K what we call him, played right field, when he didn’t pitch We also had our fourth number which is Coach’s Boy, we call him 10, we called him Ginger, we called him Red. He is a pasty version of the All Black Outfield He had to come into the outfield and chase fly balls Because Me, Boo or Spike was going to chase much. That was all his territory That was the All Black Outfield. [Music] Another moment for me was when we would go see the Rays play at the stadium in St. Petersburg. So much fun because it was a Because it was a different perspective for me because we would play this game called ‘New Ball’ where anytime the catcher brought out a new ball, we would pass the cup around and put money in there. But at one point we would not even watch the game we were just watching the catcher to make sure to see when he would bring out a new ball so it was fun and we were always drinking there was always drinking involved in every activity that you did Well in Vegas after one of our overnight over-served events, we make it to the baseball field and we’re playing this team and between innings I look up into the sky and I see all these jets and planes with all this smoke coming from behind them and so I went to our resident expert. Mr. Henry Diaz, and I said 24 why do all these jets and airplanes have all these clouds and smoke coming from behind him well he went into this long thesis and story about Atmosphere, Pressure Temperature, Water, I’m looking at him like what are you talking about he turns looks me dead in the face and says ‘Cloud Machines’. Made sense to me so I look up to the sky see all these Jets and I thank you for a moment they must be giving them shits away. one of the memories I that I still relive to this day is I’m playing shortstop there’s a runner on first and second with two outs and the batter hits a ground ball right back up the middle routine ground ball back up the middle it’s a base hit and Spike Slater’s playing center field for some reason I may be Boo couldn’t make it that night but uh he’s running in on the ball and he swoops for the ball and he misses it and then he starts grabbing both of his hamstrings. Like he just pulled both Hamstrings He stopped and looked up at me and I say “Go get the damn ball” and he turned around and sprinting and got the ball and got it in. They scored a couple runs but man if that wasn’t the funniest funniest shit I’ve ever seen on the baseball field I don’t know how anybody could fake a double hamstring injury. The team’s unique style and motto was “Never Take Anything Too Serious” They really emphasized fun. Ok, listen… See what happened was… I slipped from the get out. I wanna a rematch… Oh Oh… It was the shoes… He took off his skippies… Let’s do it again… See now, Both Toes Only!!! [laughter] “Both Toes Only”??? Yeah, You had Toes only… Yeah, you went gripping…laughter I get a text that says, Ryan beat Spike… I called Boo, and he gives me all these excuses Maybe it was a headstart…Maybe it was this, maybe that Steve tells me, Spike said it was because of the shoes he had on…. Look at him warming up…laughter Hey, do some High Hip tosses…laughter [laughter] Damn, Oh he pulled some shit… What you need to do is lose about 15 years…laughter Oh here we go. Hey he’s gonna beat you in your own shoes How the story is told, Spike gives Ryan his shoes.. Me and Boo bet double or nothing. The bet is pushed up to Tatta Totts… So Ryan is gonna put on Spike’s shoes, because that was the excuse for the lost So this will make a big difference now…laughter Look, Look here comes the money… Oh the money holding him, the money was weighing him down He was weighted down by money…laughter 2 bucks… His famous 2 bucks… laughter Hey you have to tap Steve’s hand Someone has to grab the 2 dollars… Ryan again!!!! Ryan again!!! Spike loses again. To Ryan The Youngest member of the All Black Outfield In his own SHOES!!! Ok Listen,,,, See what happened was CUT!!! [Music] Many hours and miles were traveled on these roadways to play in a Men’s adult baseball league. But each player would say that feeling they got for just those couple of hours was well worth it It’s a lot of Tides that came through us Jimmy DJ Jimmy, We got Marvin, Darryl and Tom, Chris and Halden Boo in centerfield, Stan Hazlehurst Slim one of my favorite players, Spike Spike had a name for everybody so, Farmboy, Dave Scott Waller, Carlos Martinez, Jamming G George Rubio We got Henry, Spike, Ryan Nowlin Tyron, Brice, Steve Angel Serrano, Glen Harris, Carlos Martinez we had Carleto at third base, Nelson at Short Henry at second back Ohhh, That’s going back… Ozzie, we had Manny Martinez Chris Ross, Books of course Andy we gotta throw him in there Andy was actually active for I think it was one game I think the ball hit him in the chest and knocked the air out of him and then he came to bat one time so Andy’s got be thrown in there and speaking of long gone when I started to write these down I thought in in memory in this we definitely should mention our long gone friend Julio, who he wasn’t always the one that hung out with us all the time, but he was a Tide He was our brother. He died he died on the baseball field. This one’s for Steve, Gonzalo ha, ha There’s more than coming and go, but thats the primary group Although the Sun has set on many of the Tampa Tides playing days the legacy of the Tides remains one of a kind. We are Born, We live [Music] Slobby Dobby!!! And besides our family, there is a short list of things we carry with us from a very early age until we die for these Baseball Buddies of the Tampa Tides invented by Abner Doubleday in 1839 It is a kids game known as “Baseball”.
[Music] Blow a Kiss… [music] Varsity Club. The Varsity Club everybody knew us by name over there and everybody the waitstaff and even the cooks that were in the back, they used to come out to talk to us all the time and save tables for us and stuff like that. We always had a good time and stayed after hours many times, after the place closed… And that’s about all I’m gonna say about that. [Music] Man let me tell you about my days in the outfield for the Tampa Tides. We called it the All-Black Outfield. Me, Slim and Boo. And Boo was center field, Slim was left and I was right. CUT… [laughter] Do it again… [Music] And I was part of the famous All-Black-Outfield and that represented Me, Boo and Slim. And Slim was the captain of the All-Black-Outfield and gosh
did we miss him the last couple final year that we played as a Tampa Tides. [Spike] That was the story you wanted to tell? Yeah [Steve] His first version was better [Spike] First of all, You left me out Cut It Out you weren’t part of the All-Black-
Outfield [Spike] First it was Me, Slim, Boo Okay Cut… Cut To start out Red, Jaeger please
Thanks [Steve] See him snap his fingers [Music] State your name. 3-2-1 I ain’t got a state my
name, I’ll let you know what my My name is Ryan Nowlin. Number 3 Number one in your heart Cleanup hitter for the Tides. All-time home run hitting leader in the league. Check the stats, oh did I mention stolen bases and assists from the outfield. Am I conceited, no I’m confident. CUT!!! [Music] Lot of commands here. I bet you like this don’t you. Brother telling a White man what to do. [Music] [Spike] First question I’m going to ask you is State your name and you will say My name is Chris [Music] Steve Maynard, Stan Ha—, Steve Maynard Stan Hazlehurst, Jamming G George Rubio Gregory Slater [Spike] That Slater shit will be cut out…laughter Spike Slater [Music] The biggest fans of the Tides were actually the Tides. Hey, Hold on… This thing recording? [Music] Who’s the best player Me… [Music] My favorite player obviously throughout this this video is this Spike Slater He said hey Redneck you gonna play with us next year and I’ve been on the team ever since. Well he went into this long story about tropics weather well he went to this long diaphragm three two one [Music] What do you mean we’re done? There’s not more questions? All right you want me to start telling stories? I can make it long. [Spike] Not team business Come on bro…laughter Hey, Shut the Door, Shut the Door. Let’s get it DONE…

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