BASEBALL: BC Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] The rain has cleared at
Disharoon Park, where the Virginia Cavaliers
and Boston College Eagles are set for game two of
their weekend series. It was Martellini’s single
that got him on the board in the first yesterday. Wave and a miss. There’s that slider again from
Lynch, and the inning is over. And Eikhoff grounds
one past Bigras. And Virginia is on
the board first. Knight’s going to go
first to third as well, and it’s an RBI single
for Nate Eikhoff. 2-2 now to Baldelli. Wave and a miss. That’s a great pitch from Lynch. He’s got his second
strikeout of the afternoon. Swing and a miss. How about four? Gets the strikeout. The inning is over. There’s the breaking pitch. Strikeout number four
for Daniel Lynch. Called strike three. Only the third time this
season Galland out on strikes. Wave and a miss. Strikeout number six
for Daniel Lynch. 0-2. Got him swinging. Knight thought about
trying to run him down. Instead he’ll flip
on over to Eikhoff, making seven strikeouts. 3-2 is right there. Martellini knew it. Strike three and the eighth
K for Daniel Lynch today. Grounded up the middle. And he’ll get the run home. Paul [INAUDIBLE] thought about
it, but takes the out at first, and it’s 2-0 Virginia on the
RBI groundout from Alex Tappen. And he got him. A new career high
for Daniel Lynch. A one, two, three, seventh
inning, and Lynch with 10 strikeouts today. Cody lines one past the
dive of Paul [INAUDIBLE] into left center field. Knight is in to score. Here comes Eikhoff. Two more RBIs for Charlie
Cody, and Virginia has broken it wide open. This one driven to right center. Ortiz sprinting back to the gap. Track reaches over his
shoulder, and he made the catch. The first year left
hander, Andrew Abbott. 2-2. Wave and a miss. Strike three. And Virginia has
even the series. Boston College making
things interesting, getting the potential tying
run at the plate in the ninth. When it’s all said and done,
Virginia 7, Boston College 3.

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